5 Things to do in Jiufen, Taiwan

Jiufen is considered the most iconic village of #Taiwan due to it being an unique mountain village that was used in the past as a gold mining town. Subscribe to my channel ► for weekly videos!

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Nowadays, #Jiufen is a popular tourist attraction and quite legendary for its stunning scenery from the A-mei tea house.
The A-mei tea house is perhaps the best known attraction in Jiufen, rumor goes it was featured in Ghibili’s Spirited Away (Anime movie) by Hayao Miyazaki.

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Since Jiufen is an hour drive east of the capital Taipei, you may want to make Jiufen a day trip with a possible stop at Keelung city.
In Jiufen I recommend you start with the Jiufen Old Street which is a market street with many food vendors selling delicious treats like stinky tofu, almond drinks, fish balls and peanut ice cream wraps.

These are my 5 Things to do in Jiufen:

1. Jiufen Old Street
2. Stinky Tofu
3. Almond Drink
4. Peanut Ice Cream Wrap
5. A-Mei Tea House #Ghibli

Make sure you visit Jiufen in good physical condition since the stairways can be very steep so do not forget a good pair of running shoes. It could also rain a lot so an umbrella is highly recommended.

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40 Replies to “5 Things to do in Jiufen, Taiwan”

  1. Reformatt Show

    Jiufen is considered the 'santorini' of Taiwan for being a gorgeous mountain village with steep stairways including the beautiful A-mei tea house which was the inspiration for the anime movie: Spirited Away. What is your favorite Ghibli movie?

  2. Maickel Otte

    Door je enthousiaste (maar zeker ook professionele) verslag over Taiwan hebben we besloten om te gaan (in April)! Top filmpjes, wij worden en vrolijk van!

  3. Cliff Chang

    Love your vids 🙂
    BTW, there's actually a secret trail which you can hike from cat village to Juifen (or vice versa) with around 1 hour walk.
    Not many people know about the trail, even if the local people.
    It's really worth a visit, since it has gorgeous scene, and if you're planning to visit both places at first place, it also save time on transportation.

  4. Kevin VH

    Ik liep daar rond met Thorsten, toen een half jaar, in een buikdrager. Die dag waren wij 2 de toeristische attracties! Zo vaak op de foto gezet daar! 😂

  5. Ernie Strother

    The food looks so extravagant. Amazing video as always and my favorite Ghibli movie is Porco Rosso because I love a lot of the themes and symbolism behind the movie.

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