Taiwan Travel Diaries

whao i totally forgot to update the description! I’ve been super busy but thankgod I uploaded this ahead of time XD

Welcome back to part 2 of my asian adeventures!
part 1, Hong Kong:
part 3, Japan: coming!

We traveled arounf northern Taiwan, but sadly this leg of our trip was the shortest! I would have totally been down to stay longer but since we booked the entire trip in advance I couldn’t 🙁

This this my taiwanese friend acted as our guide and we learned much more about the culture and also experienced all the hot tourist spots in northern Taiwan! Apparently southern Taiwan is pretty cool too but time restaints!!

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12 Replies to “Taiwan Travel Diaries”

  1. GoldTierGear

    I was wondering if we could collaborate on making a video or even live streaming together just let me know by messaging me or or even add me on the Summoners War
    Ign djemery

  2. Kraedi

    Great video collecting all the highlights from your travels! I watch a lot of travel vlogs with my girlfriend and they seem to focus a lot on their own personal lives, which is fine. But it is nice to see someone just focus on the travel elements. I think having more videos like that is a better way to grab people and then have seperate videos with personal life elements. You caught me through summoners war and I decided to watch your other videos!

    I've been stuck in the same place all my life, one day I hope to travel but I have not made much effort to do so (broke college student life!). This was motivating to me and I'd definitely like to visit Taiwan, especially Jiufen

  3. Jordan Molina

    Another good vid Lily! I've thought about adding Taiwan to my travel list. I hear it's English friendly, is that right from your experience?

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