When I was in Taipei, Taiwan I experienced Taipei culture shock (or Taiwanese culture shock) ~ here’s a mini taipei travel guide to share 7 things you’ or hate about taipei.

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Reasons to travel Northern Taiwan ✈
7 Elevens in Taiwan ✈
Things to Do in Taipei:

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  1. angelokimi

    1st timers to Taiwan will surely welcome all those things u mentioned..they are not shocking at all!
    Nice video but your title is somewhat like a clickbait..

  2. BMW S1000

    I was just in Tai pei last June for 3 weeks, I am 52 years old from Seattle Washington. , I had such a hard time while I was there, omg!, I was constantly lost in the city, and Taxi drivers couldnt help me because of the language barrier. I tried to figure out the MRT at Main Station and never did understand how it worked , and I was afraid to even use it for fear of going somewhere and not being able to find my way back. I even bought tickets 2 different times and then was afraid to get on the rail. and one time I was about to get on the wrong train in the wrong direction. I couldn't order food unless they had a picture menu. I struggled so bad I was miserable. The only positive thing about being in Taiwan was that the people were very nice to me.

  3. 144.233.377 610.987.1597

    2:10 definitely my favourite. I will dream about that food until I will try on my own. Thank you for sharing.
    And please let us know (your patreon patrons) when that zipp is breaking again!

  4. stuaxo

    There Wi-Fi in most metro stations that you can use if you click on advert after you connect. This is separate from the other free Wi-Fi so worth a go.

  5. Tina Kershner

    Do you make longer videos? Like this video but instead of a bunch of 30 second clips stuck together, you'd have an extended version of this same video? I love love love your videos but they are sometimes hard to follow (for me that is) because they "jump" around so much. I'm still watching them and am still subscribed but I was just wondering, since I am a new subscriber, if I'm missing something. Thank you.

  6. John T. Wolfbanger

    I was a Mandarin linguist stationed at Shulinkou AFB outside of Taibei in the 70's. Went back in early 90's to attend a seminar. Lots of fond memories. They were very pro USA back then. We were treated as valued allies. I woke up many a morning in some Taiwan pengyou's couch not remembering the night before! Their drunken, "shaoxing jiu" (Taiwan moonshine) business lunches were killer. I would be bombed out of my mind, yet they would just take a short siesta and be back at work in a couple hours.

  7. Lay Kun

    I LOVE TAIPEI ALOT! People r friendly and food r cheap and nice!!

    Did anybody experience urself standing on the left hand side of the escalator instead on the right when u r in taiwan? Especially when u r frm singapore, and u r alr used to standing on the left side and tend to forgot tat u hav to stand on the right in taiwan. Haha 😅

  8. James L. Chen

    Hi, I go to Taiwan quite a bit. For the iTaiwan Wifi, you just have to be able to read Chinese. You just have to register your phone number and you can set your own password. You just have to sign up.

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