Things to do in Taipei – Don´t miss Ximending Walking & Shopping Street! – Taipei Travel video

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This is a tour of the Ximending – 西門町 – district in the Wanhua District of Taipei, Taiwan. Well worth a visit the Ximending shopping area is a Taipei attraction not to be missed. The Ximending Shopping area was the first pedestrian zone in Taiwan and is still the biggest in the country. Join us on this walking tour as we show you the Ximending District surroundings, including the walking streets and some restaurants and cafés. We end the video off where Maxi and Maro sample a few traditional Taiwanese Snacks. The Ximending Shopping area is both active during the day and night, we visited during the day when we were in Taipei.

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Wiki writes about Ximending (西門町), “Ximending has been called the “Harajuku of Taipei” and the “Shibuya of Taipei”. Ximending is the source of Taiwan’s fashion, subculture, and Japanese culture. Ximending has a host of clubs and pubs in the surrounding area. This area is in the northeastern part of Wanhua District in Taipei and it is also the most important consumer district in the Western District of Taipei. The well-known Ximending Pedestrian Area was the first pedestrian area built in Taipei and is the largest in Taiwan…”

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32 Replies to “Things to do in Taipei – Don´t miss Ximending Walking & Shopping Street! – Taipei Travel video”

  1. daveo

    Gday Maro and Maxi,slowly working through your travel documentaries and it looks like I have another country to add to my bucket list!, nice friendly people here and good tucker. Glad you finally found a beer place, I am enjoying a Dutch beer as I watched this with you.Also it was interesting that you mention that the population must wear a mask if they have a cold, in public, I have often wondered about that and was curious,
    as here in Sydney where we have a huge Chinese population, you see them wearing masks quite frequently ,I thought it may have been for pollution but good to know the main reason,all the best and happy days.

  2. karen lim

    I love these kind of videos from the both of you. It's fun and interesting to watch almost like I'm walking down the road with you guys. Keep it up ya. God bless 🙂🙂🙂

  3. YouTube Ratings

    Hi Maxi and Maro, which hotel did you stay here and also if you could also kindly give us hotel reviews and prices would be great thanks…

  4. GVJR02 _

    Great video, thanks. I will be traveling to Taipei in 3 weeks and your videos have helped a lot. I'll be staying in the Wanhua District and plan to explore Ximending shopping area and that pancake place, they look delish.

  5. mylosairplanefan

    A very nice video again, guys 🙂 I really like all those small streets with the nice tiny shops and restaurants. I was actually looking for flights to Taipei some days ago! Maybe a nice destination to go to next year. Enjoyed watching, big like from me!

  6. RJ in SD

    Great video, Maxi and Maro! So many of your videos make me hungry with all the delicious street vendor treats you sample. Yum! Hope the weather is cooling down in Denmark. We're having some relief here in Southern California; it's slightly cooler. Best regards to both of you!! Ron

  7. Watford Fc

    Loved this video really enjoyed it . Taiwan looks like a fun place with friendly people 👍👍👍 big thumbs up on this one it was fun cheers to you both

  8. qqhisuju

    17:17, the snacks we call them "wheel pies" , in Chinese , we called "車輪餅" or "紅豆餅". When i was a kid, i love to eat these items. The fillings are usually " red beans paste" , "cream (custard)", and peanut. Now there are more and more fillings to put inside. Salty fillings were very rare to see. Also, these one are not traditional ones because they are crunchy crust. The traditional one aren't crunchy but soft, like pancake texture.

  9. Mr Wang

    Great video, nice to see the local street food in Taipei. Love to try different local food when visit other countries and especially China. The variety is endless

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