{Trip} Taiwan Travel — TAROKO GORGE, ZHUILU (Jhuilu) OLD TRAIL (太魯閣錐麓古道)

Walking the Zhuili Old Trail high up on the cliffface of Taroko Gorge.

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2 Replies to “{Trip} Taiwan Travel — TAROKO GORGE, ZHUILU (Jhuilu) OLD TRAIL (太魯閣錐麓古道)”

  1. Taiwaneverything

    This was before the availability of affordable gimbals or drones, so unfortunately it's shaky and also only 480p… Need to go there again, I guess… 🙂

  2. Richard Pearson

    Oh, Hell No!!! It's dangerous enough just driving thru but thank you Johan for such a stupendous video. Hope that you were wearing a helmet cam! Ha-Ha!

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