TRAVEL TAIPEI TAIWAN | Oldest Bubble Tea House 春水堂 #8

This #BubbleTea house has probably been introduced 3 times or more by me via this channel so it’s pretty apparent how much I’d all of you #VisitingTaiwan to pay a visit. I promise this place won’t leave you hanging. Sure it might come with a higher price tag than the rest of the street tea shops, but it’s definitely worth the money. Especially when you order the pint like the size because of a lot of the times, it’s 20% off the original prices. Just a biased drink recommendation: Healthy Sesame Milktea+Tapioca!!!

For more information, please visit:
Chun Shui Tang #TeaHouse #春水堂 人文茶館

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6 Replies to “TRAVEL TAIPEI TAIWAN | Oldest Bubble Tea House 春水堂 #8”

  1. lillian851010

    春水堂 is the oldest and the originator lol
    They invented it, for real.
    sorry there may be people out there watching this video and I just don't think it's okay to misguide people that the 'originator' is nothing more than a promo slogan.
    Other than that, your video is great!!
    It's fun to see you're doing all these videos.
    Great to see some perspective.

  2. Oustin

    This vid is wonderful! My day is so much brighter after watching this 🙂 I love this type of content and I can't wait for more! I'll check out more of your other fantastic videos on your channel! Check out mine too? Thanks! I think you are really talented and great at making these Youtube vids! I am already on the edge of my seat for the next video 😀 Have a nice day!!

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