Taiwan Travel Vlog – Taipei and Jiufen in 48 hours

This video sum up my trip to Taiwan with my recommended place of Landmark / Bar / Jiufen / Jinguashi. I stayed at Taiwan for 4 days, but I have a lower energy level, so the 2 days schedule was spread into 4 days.

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7 Replies to “Taiwan Travel Vlog – Taipei and Jiufen in 48 hours”

  1. Gobi Kohilanathan

    Wow, you did a really good job.Your guide to Taiwan was absolutely amazing .You made sure to share some of the interesting facts about Taipei and Jiufen in 48 hours. I've never been to Taiwan. But most of the facts I got to know are from your Vlog.The architecture and the food was mindblowing. I know the food scene in Taiwan is like an art. Its made beautiful and delicious. Also I am starstruck of how beautiful Taiwan is.Thank you for sharing this video. I really thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the video. Keep up the good work and I am earnestly waiting for your next video! Hopefully I can go to Taiwan and you can be like my guide.

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