21 Hour Flight: Anchorage, Alaska to Taipei, Taiwan (✈️Travel 🇹🇼Taiwan Series Day 0)

Day 0 of the ✈️ Travel 🇹🇼 Taiwan Series. Be part of the journey:
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This is Day 0 and it was something else. Taking a flight from Anchorage, Alaska to Taipei, Taiwan is the perfect punishment for someone. Here’s why: the flight time, transfers, layovers, and lack of quality sleep/food is memorable and unpleasing. From Alaska to Taiwan, it took close to 21 hours for me to finally arrive in Taipei. The struggle was real. Though, once I took a flight that was close to, or over, 50 hours (of course, this includes layovers/transfers) and that’s an experience I never want to endure again. Because of that, the 21 hour flight didn’t get too much to me because I know how much worse things could’ve been.

0:15 Anchorage, Alaska to Seattle, Washington
1:30 Seattle to Narita, Japan
2:17 Japanese gifts shops at Narita International Airport
4:42 Welcome to Taipei, Taiwan
5:45 Eating boiled dumplings and pork fried rice in Taipei
7:20 Preview of the next episodes: Day 1 of the Travel Taiwan Series

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  1. Mokti Hola

    i'm planning to go to waterfalls such as in shifen, wulai and golden waterfalls near yin yang sea.. being a solo traveller, I cant wait in getting lost.. lol.. googlemaps will be very helpful..

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