TAIWAN TRAVEL VLOG: Fei Cui Wan & Pingxi

Hey guys… I got sunburnt … 🙁
But it’s all goooood! I think it was well worth it for all the priceless memories with my family!

Today’s Vlog:
Tanning on Fei Cui Wan beach,
Cooled off at the pool,
Back to visit my cat friends at Houtong,
Exploring Pingxi,
Drew our very own lantern!

Thank you for watchingggg~~

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3 Replies to “TAIWAN TRAVEL VLOG: Fei Cui Wan & Pingxi”

  1. Rich Moomoo

    Great VLOGs Ann. Do many people speak english in Taipei. Is is easy getting around on your own. Which of the night markets do you recommend. Thanks.

  2. Adventures With Sean

    Lol @ 7:46 "Shrek is love, Shrek is life" xD Hey where are all your subs? I surprised you don't have thousands! Your videos really well presented and makes me really want to visit Taiwan!! Are you part Taiwanese?

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