Travel Taipei Taiwan|Xingtian Temple|Vlog Guide 遊台灣:台北行天宮

I’ve been thinking about where to take yuh since it seems I’ve been all over as far as and as much as the MRT (Subway/Metro in Taiwan) can take me. Then I thought, HEYYYY WHY HAVE I NOT VISITED THE TEMPLE?!!! Well I haven’t because I’m Christian but visiting and praying at the temple is indeed part of the Taiwanese people’s lives. Most of the Taiwanese people believe in Taoism/Daoism which people tend to confuse with Buddhism. Taoism, however; is very different from Buddhism because the Taoist don’t worship the buddhas but multiple different Gods that are based on the Chinese teachings and philosophies. The Taoists operate on the three virtues of compassion, moderation, and humility.

Too much religions for you? Well how about just simply visiting for the pleasure of being a tourist and seeing places you would probably not find in your own country?

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  1. Brad Pepper

    A nice amount of culture, marketing, entrepreneurship, architecture, religion, history, comfort, and most importantly, sarcasm. Fun video as always.

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