【Traveling Taiwan】Heavenly Cuisine in Taipei 101【旅遊台灣 】台北101之台菜饗宴

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Take a trip with me to the 85th floor of the Taipei 101 building and enjoy four traditional Taiwanese dishes at Shinyeh Dining! The four dishes I introduce are:
1) Mullet Roe 烏魚子/乌鱼子
2) Radish Omelet 菜脯蛋
3) Three Cup Chicken 三杯雞/三杯鸡
4) Buddha Jumps Over The Wall 佛跳牆/佛跳墙
Finally, a lesson on Chinese idioms that describe delicious food! 😋

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11 Replies to “【Traveling Taiwan】Heavenly Cuisine in Taipei 101【旅遊台灣 】台北101之台菜饗宴”

  1. App Dev

    A few years ago I went to a chinese wedding reception held at the 101, I lost count of the number of dishes served and the amount of booze I drank.
    Happy dayz 👍👍

  2. Dave Triplett

    First video for a while, i see.🤔
    Lovely presentation Peggy!
    Superb Filming, (Jennifer/Kevin??)
    And of course, the courses Food & Language😁😉🇹🇼
    Thank you People of Taiwan for caring & helping protect Sharks🦈

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