BEST FOOD OF TAIWAN – TAIPEI EATS STREET FOOD TOUR | Taiwan Travel Vlog 116, 2018 | Taipei Eats

Eating the best street food of Taiwan with Taipei Eats and their food tour! Top food, amazing guide & tour, a great way to see Taipei in 2018 via food ❤️ ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ to expand ⬇

We HIGHLY recommend Taipei Eats – this was THE best food tour we’ve ever done.

Food in Taiwan go together perfectly; Taipei is actually known as a street food heaven in Asia – so we had to hunt out the best food and a tour. Taipei Eats are based in Taipei and easily the best company in 2018 to try the top foods of Taiwan! Trying food with a guide was amazing, the extra information we learnt a long the way from Jean our guide was perfect.

The tour was ridiculously long, so much food we couldn’t put it all in this vlog, we walked the streets as well and got to see a lot of Taipei. Learning the history behind the food and Taiwan as a whole was the best balance and made for an awesome vlog!

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Bonus Points – Sun Kissed
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20 Replies to “BEST FOOD OF TAIWAN – TAIPEI EATS STREET FOOD TOUR | Taiwan Travel Vlog 116, 2018 | Taipei Eats”

  1. KóriTouTheoú

    Thanks for a great video as usual, guys!
    Can I make one suggestion? Would you mind spelling out on the screen the names of the foods you're trying? And also places you go to (in any country)? It would be very helpful to memorize them! And also indicate the price of each food?
    Thanks a lot!
    Catch you on your next video 😉

  2. Freedom Life Now

    So love you guys and your channel! Working on growing mine now as well! Love the travel and food and dream of the day when I'm full time doing it with my wife and kiddos! -Richard

  3. Raymond Lin

    Taiwan was occupied by Japan for a while, a lot of the traits from the Japanese has been mixed with the Chinese culture and one of those is the presentations of produce and food.

  4. akev

    At 14:00, that is a Portuguese egg tart. Delicious. The Portuguese were the first European contact with Taiwan. However, I also heard it came from the Japanese influence. Who knows it might even be from Macau, but Taiwan makes them terrific.

  5. Frank Yu

    First time viewer and I really have to compliment you on an exceptional vblog. Thanks 4 visiting Taiwan. P.S. Those betel nut have cancer risks.

  6. John Yang

    Water caltrop. It was accurately translated. A lot of people say it's water chestnut, which is a mistake. Water chestnut is a completely different food and taste differently too.

  7. Christa Danica Joven

    Nice vlog guys. Keeping pointers on what to do and what to eat once I visit Taipei and this video is very useful and informative ☺ I am so curious to try the stinky tofu, Stacey should have taken a bite! Hahaha. Where you guys heading next after Taiwan? Anways, stay safe guys and happy travels ❤

  8. Chesca is Lost

    This was such a great video. You should do this for every place you visit. You guys might like Traveling Spoon, they offer private, locally run cooking classes around the world. Really cool company (not paid by them or anything haha just genuinely think you'd like them!)

  9. Edward Victors

    😍😋😋😋😘😘😘👌👌👌!!!! beettle nut?? Lol, my mom used to chew and i also tried it with all the concoctions, man it sucks!!??

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