Foreigners FIRST TIME IN TAIWAN – Shilin Night Market & Original Bubble Tea

Our amazing host Lucifer from would love to host you in TAIWAN! Get in touch with him here:




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50 Replies to “Foreigners FIRST TIME IN TAIWAN – Shilin Night Market & Original Bubble Tea”

  1. ScarletteViperX

    Taiwan looks like an interesting place to visit 😊. Your host Lucifer is seems a sweet young lad. Ben and Lucifer are so nice and very accommodating boys. Thank you for sharing girls. Have fun and take care always.

  2. Alianordin

    It's Ramadhan again and i remember how you girls spent last Ramadhan in Malaysia and me and my husband would watch your bazaar tours at the time. Anyway enjoy your travels and do come back to Malaysia 😁

  3. ian bowden

    Hi guys. What a lifestyle. ;-]. I,m still mesmerised by you traveling the world and "getting under its skin too" whilst earning a living at the same time. Anyway, I smile when Justina's expressions come INSTANTLY as soon as she puts something in her mouth whereas Micha,s comes after a second or two so enough time to actually taste what she is consuming. ;-].

  4. Vinyl Junky

    Hi again ! In fact i did i always do , i was shocked rather about what you have said the last time that Taiwan is a small island because not so many people really knows that i think and again that’s another extra credit of watching travelers specially you two . Well ..i will be watching more of your videos & as you always say ( Cheers to Freedom ) .

  5. Sally And Ed

    Ooooohhh Taipei has been on our bucket list for a while now! So excited for the Taiwan vlogs! Haha guys really wish you stayed in the racing car Airbnb 😂😂 what a funny experience that would have been! When we were in Xi'an we stayed in a Finding Nemo themed Airbnb, it was the best! How yummy is bubble tea?! 😍😍 I know you guys aren't veggie, but since you have been there is there much vegetarian food? Thats always a concern for us when we travel to a new country!

  6. Lori Lewis

    I love Taiwan!! Next time stay longer. There is so much to see, do and eat there. Not many tourists 🙂 Public transit is easy to navigate and trains around island are very nice. I used airbnb in the four cities I visited. What’s your opinion on a solo traveler using the couch surfer app? Ive had it for years but have never tried it.

  7. 27 Travels

    BUBBLE TEA!!! Shanna is obsessed with it haha we eat it all the time in NYC (and has some in the Philippines) but the Bubble Tea in Taiwan looks amazing!

  8. Ranger Roe

    Taiwan has done incredibly well in their LGBT equality, the first in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage. To those who repress LGBT: Wake up people, what two people in love do in their bedroom is none of your business and mind your very own. Peace.


    This video is awesome! I've never been to Taiwan but your video makes me want to go visit. So fascinating. And they have lechon too! Lol! So nice to have good friends to look after you during your stay. Ben and Lucifer are cool dudes. Have fun. Looking forward to your next upload. 👍😉

  10. H&H Heidi

    Oh loved Taiwan visited 6 years ago. Off topic I’m a dog lover and there are so many dog clothes that I bought there 🤣🤣. Food I had too much!! Too many to choose from. I tried stinky tofu and nearly fainted 🤣🤣

  11. Tastes Seoul Good테이스트서울굿

    Recently just discovered your channel. Really loving the content!
    Taipei is a great city! The food there is amazing!
    Lucifer looks more like an angel than a devil! haha

  12. Kelvin Chai

    Cheers to freedom in Taiwan. The first country in Asia that legalizes same sex marriage. 🌈 Do take an evening stroll along Danshui. And try that stall selling white bitter gourd honey drink in Xi Men Ding. The National Palace Museum houses treasures from the ancient Chinese civilization that you don't even find in mainland China. It's amazing to know the story of how these treasures end up in Taiwan. Avoid the large crowd in day time and try to go in the evening. Enjoy the air of freedom in Taiwan! Love from Malaysia.

  13. Cecilia Rodriguez

    You guys were having such a great time and so was I. Now I also want to visit Taipei. May today be even more fun. I hope Misha, that you are feeling better.

  14. fishonatic SG

    No eating or drinking in Singapore MRT too. Drinking water is drinking dear ladies. What luc said true, people might slip when the water drip. Safety first

  15. Jamesyboy Experiment - Travel Channel

    Waking up in a brand new country – what a feeling hey guys. Great that you landed on your feet with the couch surfing – something we've not tried before. Taipei has a cracking looking skyline and looks like a pretty green city. The market looks so vibrant – right up our street. Cheese balls sound great to us!!! Ad tried fried milk in BGC but I couldn't stomach it!

  16. Lily Grace Chao

    Going back for 2nd time in Taiwan this June. I can't wait! Practicing my Mandarin and Taiwanese dialect now. I want to say 欢迎 台湾!(huan ying tai wan – welcome to Taiwan)

  17. jimmy choke

    I LOVE TAIPEI and glad you gals finally make it there…its like my 2nd home as I travel there very often….Ladies I really looking forward your taiwan videossssss!!!! Glad you know new friends and you have a very good host!!!! Those MRTs are my favourite transport there and the puppy so cute….And also 1st asia country approved same sex marriage!!!

  18. Ping Mendoza

    Good to hear from you, micha and justina! I am so glad you got to Taiwan safe and looked so energized! That is good — you have tour guide-susbscriber-friends! Language barrier – basic hurdle in a foreign country – is out of your way! Sweet exploring, and share it to the world. Love you guys! 🙂

  19. Silverfox

    IMHO best place in SE Asia – The nicest people, amazing food and so clean. To see so many people doing art in the parks or groups of kids learning K-Pop, different planet. Also very stylish and individual. Love it.

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