A PURRFECT Day Trip From Taipei – Houtong Cat Village, Jiufen & Shifen

Travelling around Taiwan is super easy and very cheap. We were able to travel to 3 old mining towns, filled with furry locals in just one day – Houtong, Juifen and Shifen



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30 Replies to “A PURRFECT Day Trip From Taipei – Houtong Cat Village, Jiufen & Shifen”

  1. Ariel Dimacali

    Did you know that the original occupants of taiwan were filipinos? That was until the communists in china drove general tiang chai chek to taiwan. It was called formosa before. Then, the japanese occupied taiwan and teach them their writing. If u can read japanese, u can read taiwanese too.

  2. Kelvin Chai

    haha, it's funny to see you guys eating xiaolongbao. I usually use chopstick to poke a hole and let the soup ooze out first. Then I will try to reduce the temperature by blowing the xiaolongbao before putting it into my mouth. Very bad example here but this helps to save my tongue from getting scalded. Save the tongue to savour other delicious food during the trip.

  3. Lily Grace Chao

    OMG!!! CAT VILLAGE!!! <3 <3 <3 Thanks for featuring this. I'm going to drop by first before going to Jiu Fen, Shi Fen and Riu Fang. (jotting it down 😀 )

  4. WiL Laxa

    So much fun! 🙂 Catwalk down the train and nice to see the people are into it. <3 🙂 Wish you guys are there for pride. I heard they have the largest pride parade in asia.

  5. MuseMediaUSA

    I would love to visit the Cat Village! And for anyone reading this who hasn't seen the movie SPIRITED AWAY, do yourself a favor and watch it!


    That's a nice video girls. I like animals so I liked your visit to Cat Village. The waterfall at Shifen reminded me of my visit to Niagara Falls. It's like a mini Niagara Falls. Lol! Compliments to Ben for accompanying you on your journey today. The weather seems to be improving. Thumbs up! See you in your next video. 👍😺🍺

  7. kymlovepye

    Tips on the Xiao Long Bao : poke a small hole for the steam to escape then sip a little soup so it doesn't spill when you shove the whole thing in your mouth. The soup is hot girls! I learned from the hard way too! Anyways! Love you Justina & Micha! xoxo

  8. Jolo Tamayo

    The tea egg is good! Trust me! I was hoping you've visited the actual house which inspired the castle in Spirited Away. It's quite expensive, but they will teach you the right way in conducting tea ceremony and their rice cakes are so good. Also, try their sandwiches, especially in Taipei. Phenomenal!

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