US nudges China by sending warships to Taiwan Strait

Two US warships passed through the Taiwan Strait on Wednesday to “demonstrate the US commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific.” Beijing, who does not recognize Taiwanese sovereignty, balked at the show of force and urged Washington to uphold the “One China” principle. RT America’s Sara Montes de Oca reports for News.Views.Hughes.

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40 Replies to “US nudges China by sending warships to Taiwan Strait”

  1. Matt S69

    The US is planning for it.
    Providing for a common defense, USNDSC, 2018:
    SCENARIO # 1. Losing Taiwan:
    In 2024, China undertakes a surprise attack to prevent Taiwan from declaring independence. As Chinese forces launch air and missile attacks, cripple the Taiwanese Navy, and conduct amphibious landings, it becomes clear that decisive U.S. intervention will be required. Unfortunately, America can no longer mount such an intervention at acceptable cost. China’s missile, air, surface, and undersea capabilities have continued to grow as U.S. defense spending has stagna ted. Large parts of the Western Pacific have become “nogo” zones for U.S. forces. The Pentagon informs the President that America could probably defeat China in a long war, if the full might of the nation was mobilized. Yet it would lose huge numbers of s hips and aircraft, as well as thousands of lives, in the effort, in addition to suffering severe economic disruptions — all with no guarantee of having decisive impact before Taiwan was overrun. Allowing Taiwan to be absorbed by the mainland would represent a crushing blow to America’s credibility and regional position. But avoiding that outcome would now require absorbing horrendous losses.

    Maybe both the US and China should pull their heads in.
    The imperial powers sucked Germany into war twice in the 20th century.
    Now they are doing it again with China and Russia.
    "Because it is a Government [the USA] controled to a large degree by financiers the mentality of whom is near the fasist frame of mind. if Hitler were not a lunatic he could have easily have avoided the hostilities of the West. That he is a lunatic is the sole advantage in the present sinister picture of the world."
    Albert Einstein's letter to Dr Frank Kingdon, September 3rd 1942.

    The goal of antagonizing North Korea was bring China into the conflict. But China refused to play the game. So now the US has shifted its focus to using the South China sea and provoking tensions using the historical relationship between China and Taiwan. If you know your Boshervik history you also know the imperial powers (anglo-american establishment) have been instrumental in the orchestration of this situation.
    Be vigilant people, we must put a stop to their murderous campain for wealth and control.

  2. OGASI

    free and open? yes of course, so long as it is by the rules of the USA

    if i was china and russia now i would send some bad ass hardware to go camp near west coast of USA, let them see how it feels

  3. I x3

    What are fucking doing there usa warships????
    Look on the map…where is usa….
    This trade wars will end up in a proper war sooner or later.

  4. De Long

    Who wants to bet that the Chinese anti~ship mine industry is moving at full swing?!? Faster boys, can't you hear the glorious call to arms, that age~old revolutionary tune.

    Cut off rare earth elements export, invade Taiwan, shut down all external internet, and hunker down for war. That's a possible outcome. North Korea at the same time moves south, hitting the American military first, taking South Korea and Russia secures the surrounding seas. A full alliance between Russia, North Korea and China. This is one logical outcome. With full cessation of exports to America and most of its NATO allies. Shutting down their economies… It could happen.

    Solidify alliances so that the citizens of NATO nations know what they are facing. And if needed, launch a non~nuclear missile from a nuclear sub off the Californain coast into the American desert, just to remind the populace of the potential outcome.
    Nows the time for China to form open external alliances, defensive pacts. Because the people of the West are easily lead without understanding real implications. The presence of pacts makes it clear during every news announcement just what the people will be facing, the death of millions.

    If war happens, it will be essential for China to strike America on its homeland immediately. A big portion of the US' strategic advantage lies in the fact that all the big wars are always far from home, thus far from he minds of the people.

    This is what the world is facing. Unfortunayely few people pay much attention to history.

    China knows that NATO nations will not intern Chinese people as was done with the Japanese during WW2; this is a strategic mistake but an unavoidable fact. Internment was correct in WW2 and if a large war involving China takes places, it would be correct again. Those in Western intelligence surely know this. The West will be very vulnerable internally… But internment will not be an option. The potential for sabateurs will be very high. Many sabateurs.

  5. Konstantinos

    War hungry comments. Do you fucking realize what would happen if we had a nuclear war? Fuck war casualties, we are talking about human life in general. Mass extinctions happened in different forms in the past, and will happen in the future. It’s not going to be a comet or a disease, it will be over population and struggle for resources

  6. grimm reaper

    it's not the rise of china. it's the decline of the terrorist states. empire came and felled, and the American empire won't be the exception. get over it. japan was a threat and the terrorist states contained it with the Plaza Accord. keep poking the dragon.

  7. Zen Dr

    China is doing similar nasty war posturing in Indian Ocean region, close to Indian waters. India is silently and patiently building their country and waiting for the right time. China is a terrorist sponsoring nation like us in case of Pakistan!

  8. Canadian Man

    Fuck you China, Taiwan is not yours, if you try to move on Taiwan, we will destroy your puny navy and plummet your mainland with bombs. We will not put boots in China but we will put boots in Taiwan and we will make sure mainland China gets punished for their invasion. First hint we’ll hit is those damns you’ve built everywhere and push you into the dark ages. If you let off one nuke, we’ll triple the favour. At the same time, we’ll nuke North Korea and you both can live in your craters for the next 300 years.

  9. Tube Clean GmbH .Compri Tube Clean

    The US has Nothing to do in this area. It would be the same when the russian warships operates in front on Miami. Nobody Needs the americans in Asia. Go home as Long you can.

  10. Aghelyas

    All these provocations against China, Russia and Iran. Just imagine Russian, Chinese or Iranian navy floating around near US territory…what would the free American democratic response be?


    I know that the military industrial complex is out of hand but damn if China is not helping things when it comes to Taiwan…..

    What is it that China does not understand that Taiwan is not a part of China that they are their own country???

  12. Liz Brooks

    May be China should start paying $1 as token gesture for the free border guarding services. Or at least offer some water for the amount of fuel wasted.

  13. KnightInShiningASMR

    I would be surprised if a trade deal is signed anytime soon.The Chinese take pride in everything they're doing around the world.Having their pride insulted every week is just asking for trouble.


    被迫割让台湾是中华民族近代史上的最大耻辱之一,现在中国强大了,历史不会再次重演!   勿忘国耻, 收复台湾 !
    1)     1894年 朝鮮王朝發生東學黨事件,清朝應朝鮮要求下派兵進入朝鮮半島,並依照《中日天津條約》,知會日本有關行動。事件平息後,日軍拒絕撤兵,後來更突襲駐守於朝鮮的清軍。清政府被迫向日本宣戰。由於該年是甲午年,故又稱為「甲午戰爭」,日本稱日清戦争,其後清军戰敗,清政府向日本求和。
    2)     1895年 4月17日(清光绪二十一年三月二十三日、日本明治二十八年)在日本山口縣赤間(今山口縣下關市)签署的条约,原名《马关新约》,又称《中日講和條》,日本方面稱為《下关条约》或《日清講和條約》。清廷代表为欽差頭等全權大臣李鸿章和欽差全權大臣李经方,大日本帝國政府代表为首相伊藤博文和外務大臣陆奥宗光。該條約的签署,标志着甲午战争的结束,並導致割讓臺灣、澎湖、遼東半島予大日本帝國,造成往後50年的台灣日治時期,割讓後因三國干涉還遼未成。條約中文原本現典藏於臺北國立故宮博物院,日文原本則藏於東京國立公文書館。
    3)       有散文作家引用描述臺灣的一句諺語   "花不香,鳥不鳴,男無義,女無情" ,創作改寫為「清朝直隸總督北洋大臣李鴻章對台灣所做的評語」;或被引用曰「台灣,鳥不語,花不香,男無情,女無義,瘴癘之地,割之可也」。在相關研究及評論者指出,根據目前所有可見史料檔案,未能發現李鴻章發表這段評語的紀錄。相反,李鸿章在与当时日本首相伊藤博文进行《马关条约》的谈判时曾声明“臺灣已立一行省,不能送給他國”、“拟请所让之地,如果勒令中国照办,两国子子孙孙永成仇敌,传至无穷矣”等等。

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