Travel Taipei Taiwan|MUST VISIT|Vlog Guide 外國人遊台灣:老外去哪裡

Decided to utilize the HTC Re that I just bought to film every bit of details Kevin and I shared during his 5 day visit in Taiwan. It was short so we couldn’t really get out of Taipei except for the bus ride to Keelung the port. Kevin was badly burnt because he refused to use sunscreen and it was at least over 30 celcius everyday when we were out… anyway, tried all different types of Taiwanese food and went as many tourist places as we could. From Taipei 101 to Yangmingshan (Mt. Yangming), we hope that you enjoyed the video!

This vlog is filmed with HTC Re and edited via Adobe Premiere Pro, find out more about the camera on my review:

Thanks for watching! xx

Travel Destionations:

1) The Eastern District 東區
2) Xinyi District 信義區
3) Taipei 101 台北101
4) Yangmingshan Mt.Yangming 陽明山
5) Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
6) National Concert Hall & National Theatre 國家音樂廳 & 國家戲劇院
7) Keelung City 基隆市
8) Keelung Night Market 基隆廟口夜市
9) Taipei Zoo 台北動物園
10) Eslite Bookstore 誠品書店

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One Reply to “Travel Taipei Taiwan|MUST VISIT|Vlog Guide 外國人遊台灣:老外去哪裡”

  1. Li-Chen Lin

    Well, not bad, you missing stree foods while you were in keelung. Those fire crack is temple envent a sort of gods birthday, or other god visiting here to show their welcome from local. You should hv tried foods, fruit juice, butter crab around you. Vendors' food open from noon. Why didnt share what hv you ate, whats flavor, goosd or bad, do u like or not, those authntic foods, views are good, just missing some sharing.

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