Why Taiwan?

Taiwan seems to get a bit left out of the international spot light, especially when most people consider moving to China, Korea or Japan. I’m hoping to explain why Taiwan is actually an incredibly nice place to move to. Why Taiwan? Find out here!

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33 Replies to “Why Taiwan?”

  1. MrAauya

    Reading between the lines is of utmost importance when reading comments pertaining to these kinds of subject matter.

    It is just as important to know how to carefully word a comment so as people can read between the lines.

  2. Steve H

    Hi. Your videos are addictive and Very Enjoyable 🙂 With the heat ('1999-00), I came to appreciate showers to cool off ! …. (TPE) .. I just had a fan (!) but would walk about the apt., wet, to cool off, also.

  3. Handsome Zen

    I'm going to Taiwan to study there this year. I'm feeling nervous😅😅😅 But I'm glad my father enrolled me in a school full of people from overseas. I'll be living in the dorms of the school and I just feel like I won't fit in.

  4. Michael Clark

    What surprised me the most about Taiwan was how much they love their euro cars and preserving them. I went to a classic car show there called Rally Taiwan and was amazed at all the classic European cars they had there. I thought being Asia there would be lots of Japanese enthusiast cars but this was not the case. Maybe it's because they're LHD and Japan is RHD.

  5. Evil Evan

    I'm also Canadian and considering moving to Taiwan. Been living in Thailand and it's too hot here. I'm going to Taiwan for a couple weeks to check it out. Watching your videos makes me feel pretty prozzitive I'll like it there.

  6. TheShaolin015

    Thanks prozzie. youve convinced me to move to taiwan after living in china for too long. i stayed here because the money and work balance was too good, but if you say i can live comfortably with a teacher's salary in taiwan, im going to finally move.

  7. B En

    Taiwanese are definitely the friendliest in East Asia and I like the food there. Just sucks it's always hot and humid and their cities still look very dirty and run down.

  8. Doug Hall

    I'm hoping to move to Taiwan in the future. Everything you said is spot on. I felt more comfortable there in the 2 weeks I stayed there than I ever had in the US. Great video man! And I write and record original music. Hit me up sometime if you want and I can probably come up with something for you. Keep up the good work!

  9. Sidney Mathious

    I would like to visit Taiwan and see what it is like. I have been to Thailand for two years, and spent many times in Japan, The Philippines, and South Korea while in the military and loved those places. There is no way anyone could talk me into going to mainland China though as they want a hostage to get someone released who is held in the U.S.

  10. Vic

    Dude Vic from Canada again! It's been a while & I can't believe when I started the Gay/Fag thing at 3,000 subs it would continue! As Canadians we have a very polite/ soft way of speaking! Me as well! Congrats on 50g subs and keep it up! Respect your self enough & don't let the haters get you down! Be well and be GAY! LOL Peace from Toronto!

  11. ArmyCats

    Taiwanese drivers' attitude suck in Taiwan.
    (People who do wrong things will yell louder than anyone else, without any remorse or self reflection)

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