Taiwanese Street Food – CARAMEL DUCK Kaohsiung Night Market Taiwan

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24 Replies to “Taiwanese Street Food – CARAMEL DUCK Kaohsiung Night Market Taiwan”

  1. Danny Fergusson

    A few questions, is that noice from from a diesel generator powering up the stoves?
    Are those bags caramel containers to gradually seep the caramel into the oil mixture or is it just cloths to swab the ducks with?

  2. Mikel W

    The question is… what is that idiot doing the whole time? Boiling it in oil and rotate every 10 seconds? To let it boyle 20 secs on the other side? And the best at the end! Chop it to fucking small pieces with small cruched bones overall! Fuck you idiots and eat this crap! I won't do eat this shit even if i dont have to paid for it!

  3. Uvas Frescas

    Interesting but it makes me sick that you record the same thing you should avoid when he is turning the duck I had to run almost all the video the same process is boring

  4. Morgan Alan

    台灣人, 專做埋D 無謂野~反嚟反去, 又加水~如果好食, 出左名啦~垃圾. D 鴨仲要係交嚟煮左加色扮上菜. 屌~都冇人買

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