Hong Kong Street Food – DIM SUM HEAVEN + World's BEST Roast Goose!! ICONIC Street Food in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong episode 2:

Hong Kong episode 1:

This is the LAST episode of our Hong Kong street food series. In today’s episode, we will be eating the most CLASSIC street foods at local restaurants including DIM SUM, ROAST GOOSE, HONG KONG NOODLES, AND EGG TARTS WITH HONG KONG MILK TEA! Today, we are eating like a local!

For breakfast, we choose a very traditional and local dim sum restaurant that is street side. We ate siao mai, char siu bao, shrimp cheong fun, beef balls and tea. So delicious, healthy and WAY cheaper than some modern dim sum shops (81 HKD / 10.32 USD). We ride the Ding Ding (trams) toward Central Hong Kong to head to one of the BEST and Michelin recommended roast goose shops in all of Hong Kong – Yat Lok. Although quite expensive, this shop has PERFECTED the roast goose recipe and is worth it. The skin holds so many dimensions of flavour and the meat underneath is extremely tender and SO JUICY (223 HKD / 28.41 USD for quarter goose with drumstick). We were quite full so we took a walk down through the Fish Market. Later in the day, we visit a place that is known to serve some of the most traditional style Hong Kong “cart noodles” in the city. For a cheap price, you can assemble the bowl exactly how you want it. We recommend the braised chicken wing, radish and spicy sauce. Don’t forget to add the Sichuan oil if you love the “mala” flavour. Man Kee Cart Noodle began as a traditional cart serving noodles which expanded into a very popular restaurant while maintain the original taste (31 HKD / 3.95 USD per bowl). Finally, after being quite full, we head for a dessert at a cafe that has not changed over the MANY years it has been open. Packed with an older generation of Hong Kong folk, this cafe serves a perfect Hong Kong egg tart paired with a classic HK milk tea (20 HKD / 2.55 USD tart + tea). SO DELICIOUS and a great way to end our insane street food tour & series in Hong Kong!

Thanks for joining us on our HONG KONG STREET FOOD TOUR! We hope you enjoyed all 3 episodes. If you did, make sure to subscribe to our channel for more STREET FOOD from around the world! If you want to eat at these places too, check the information below!

Address information –

Breakfast Dim Sum: Saam Hui Yaat
11 Pok Fu Lam Rd., Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Michelin recommended Roast Goose: Yat Lok
34-38 Stanley St., Central, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Noodles: Man Kee Cart Noodles
121 Fuk Wing St., Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

Hong Kong egg tarts & tea: 華南冰室
87 Kweilin St., Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

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40 Replies to “Hong Kong Street Food – DIM SUM HEAVEN + World's BEST Roast Goose!! ICONIC Street Food in Hong Kong!”

  1. Warren S

    You're a great host but I think there is some lack of depth to knowledge and detail when it came to a few of the places to you visited. It might have been better if you had spoken to more knowledgeable people whom are local and can describe the depth of flavor/essence about the food. Great job tho! I'm hungry now!

  2. Waleed Mirza

    You guys are doing amazing job. Im inviting you to visit Pakistan 🇵🇰 and try our food . I am sure you guys gonna love the food and people hospitality. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

  3. Ting Tong

    Macau are not famous for egg tarts, HK is famous for Egg tarts. Macau is only famous for Portuguese tarts. Get you facts right before advertising it

  4. Laura Valencia

    Watch out for the plum sauce from any place, some of them taste like dirt. I don’t eat any plum sauce because I’ve had many bad experiences but I hope one day one of the plum sauces will taste how it’s supposed to instead of dirt.

  5. brightsidexchoke

    Good to know that first dim sum restaurant is still there! I watched a video about the story behind the history of the restaurant, very heartwarming. I hope their business will continue to thrive in that area of town. For those that understand Cantonese, here's the link to the video: https://youtu.be/fpgjbwWMTws

  6. TR

    Thank for this video and being open-minded of other culture. That dim sum place is classic hole-in-the-wall. The old school atmosphere is in part what makes it great. I hope it stays in business for a long time but that might be too hopeful. These gems of a restaurant are once-in-a-lifetime restaurants. Once they are gone, they are gone. Nothing can replace it. Most of those restaurant owner's children will not take over those businesses, they will go look for tech jobs, etc. Thank for showing the world these gems of a restaurants.

  7. Mi Imp

    For your next visit to Hong Kong, suggest you to try another traditional dim sum restaurant named "Sun Hing Restaurant" 8 Smithfield Road ground floor, Markfield Building. Hong Kong Island. Another recommendation is Hoover cake shop/restaurant(136 Nga Tsin Wai Road, Kowloon City, Hong Kong.) Their egg tart is one of the best in town.

  8. fabrice robert

    Américain 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😁😁👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋💗💗

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