Why Taipei is the Best City To Ride a Bike [Cycling in Taiwan]

I’m in Taipei for work at the 2019 Annual Taipei Cycle Show. This is my first time travelling to Taiwan for work, but coincidentally Taipei just so happens to be my favorite large city for cycling and riding my bike.

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Unfortunately I was not able to bring my bike this time around, but one of my local friends kindly lent me his spare road bike so I was able to get in some rides each morning before the Taipei Cycle Show. Despite the busy days and late nights, I made sure to get up early every single day for my ride.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find motivation to ride during travel and work, but I couldn’t help myself since Taipei is actually my favorite large city for cycling. Why, you might ask? Here are a few of my main reasons in no particular order.

Reason #1 – Cycling Paths
For starters, they have hundreds of kilometers of dedicated cycling paths that are well maintained, lit up at night, and separated from main pedestrian traffic. These cycling paths are usually parallel to the rivers and they are built into most of the main bridges, so you can get all over the city without having to go into dangerous traffic.

These paths are especially great because they accommodate everyone. More people are leaving their cars to use the bike paths instead, reducing traffic congestion. Runners and cyclists are both happy that they have their dedicated lanes. There’s also a bunch of free exercise and sports facilities (basketball, tennis, soccer, baseball, etc..) all along the cycling paths, so you see a lot of different people out.

Reason #2 – Varied Terrain
All of the cycling paths are completely flat, and nearby there are tons of super tall and super steep mountains. Within a 15-30 minute ride from the center of the city, you can be on an awesome climb with no cars around.

Reason #3 – Cycling Community
There are tons of cyclists in Taiwan, especially in Taipei. No matter which roads you ride on, the cycling paths or the mountains, you’re bound to find some company. Everyone is really friendly!

Reason #4 – Attitude Towards Cyclists
I’m from the USA, and most people there have a very negative and sometimes aggressive attitude towards cyclists. Taiwan is the exact opposite and often people will cheer me on while I’m riding, especially in the mountains.

Reason #5 – Female Cyclists
I’m not sure what the reason is, but Taiwan seems to have the largest amount of female cyclists that I’ve seen in the various countries that I’ve visited and cycled in. In Japan especially there are very few female cyclists, especially those who will ride alone. But in Taipei/Taiwan, I see solo female cyclists all over the place. It’s great to see more women who are into the sport, and I would like to see more of that in Japan.

Also, many of the people I met during the Taipei Cycle Show were women, so many women also seem to be working in the cycling industry in Taiwan as well.

Reason #6 – Bike Share
I didn’t mention this in the video, but Taipei has an awesome and HUGE bike share program with YouBike. These things are everywhere, the program is really well maintained, and they are super cheap and easy to rent. It’s common to see people riding these bikes everywhere in the city, for both locals and tourists alike. Unfortunately I can’t quite get the saddle height as high as I’d like so I don’t like to use them for too long of trips.

Reason #7 – Food
There are a bunch of cycling cafes around the cycling paths, and Taiwan in general is a country famous for great food options. There are tons of street food options and night markets, which are a delicious and cheap option after a long ride.

These are just a few of the reasons why Taipei is my favorite city for cycling. I’m sure there’s some other great cities out there for cycling, so leave your suggestions down below in the comments. I’ll add them to my list of places I’d like to visit and cycle sometime in the future.

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37 Replies to “Why Taipei is the Best City To Ride a Bike [Cycling in Taiwan]”

  1. Michel Wouters

    Yes it is great, but indeed 5.15 to get up, and summer is just bloody hot. Early sunset. Sometimes I do miss Netherlands because of this. But in all other you are right!

  2. Lorenz Siggel

    Taiwan has been on my radar for a while now but I have never found a city that I like cycling in, even small towns can be a pain. I try to get outside the city limits as quickly as possible since cars and bikes really don’t mix well in my opinion and the situations are more predictable for driver and cyclist on a highway. I have no fear or hesitation about cycling in towns and cities when I need to: ride predictably and assertively when needed.

  3. vivoslibertos

    I can't believe you don't mention bubble tea, what an utter disappointment (in Anna Williams accent LoL).
    Joke aside good job Cruise shacho, have fun riding in Taipei what a great cycling infrastructure XD


    U should try Holland, not a city but an entire country, with a road network designed for bike riders. Its cycling heaven, I know I have pedalled thro the country from end to end. Its an example to the world.


    Yip, I gave up on road shoes many years ago and switched to MTB shoes. U can walk in them, when u have to. Road shoes are great but they can be a problem, why not just use MTB shoes, slightly heavier but better for cycling outside of pure full on racing. They are the best choice for touring, also.

  6. MrNewlife1968

    I'd like to know more about Taiwan. The good and the bad. And possible work options for Americans there. I love your videos…there great! 🚲💨💨💨💨
    Plus they can keep the scooters, I like them too…they make cleaner running ones.

  7. James Clemons

    That was cool. I wasn't expecting river paths. I'm just heading out for a Sunday morning ride on the Loop in Tucson. The Loop circles the city, running along the river washes and greenways around Tucson and Pima county. There are about 131 miles of connected multi-use paths, and they're very popular. Now I want to ride in Taipei. LOL. Thanks for the vid. The Adventure continues…

  8. jjclub

    Welcome to Taiwan again!

    Cycling started to be popular back in 2007 if I remember it correctly, at that time all the river paths are full of people riding. And it was very hard to buy a bicycle because it was always out of stock. You usually have to wait for months to buy a new bicycle.XD

    And you can try to ride the river path to 大溪, it is far away from Taipei but beautiful.

  9. Paul Williamson

    A tip ! The cycleways in Taipei are not on Google Maps. Use the Strava recommended route finder to find routes that are popular with other cyclists.

  10. storyandsoundscape

    I’ve ridden well maintained river trails from Isesaki to Tokyo. There are many popular cycling routes along the major rivers that cut through Tokyo. The biggest downside is that most run north-south.

  11. Johnny D. Wicked

    The bike infrastructure sure looks very nice in Taiwan. I wonder what you think of the Netherlands bike infrastructure? It's practically bike capital over there. 😀

  12. Frank Yu

    Why am I watching this at 2 AM? Just for Cruise and what happened to the food clip? :-). Hope u had a great time at the bike show. P.S. Check out John Wick 3 for a real anime live action flick. It’s one of the best action trilogy of our generation.

  13. Joaquin Ong

    This is already cycling heaven lol I am from the philippines and the roads here are average to poor. The bike lanes are disrespected by motorists(they usually just drive or park over them casually) since its literally beside the main roads.

  14. Colin Ke

    If you have a chance, make sure visit central Taiwan. The 139 County Highway in Changhua County, Taiwan is fabulous and well known for its climbing route and beautiful and refreshing cycling scenes.

  15. Yashwanth Reddy

    Coming from a country where there is no proper public cycling/sporting infrastructure, I really appreciate this video. Good job Taiwan.

    Great video too 🙂

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