Travel Taipei Taiwan|WORLD'S BEST Bubble Boba Tea|Food Vlog Guide 台灣最好喝的珍珠奶茶

BELIEVE ME! CHUN SHUI TANG is honestly the best bubble tea place in Taiwan and this is coming from an authentic Taiwanese person! Okay maybe not the most authentic Taiwanese person but hey I know good bubble tea drinks when I come across one! I’ve brought all my friends who came to visit Taiwan to Chun Shui Tang and have never gotten bad reviews. One of the most dramatic things my friend said was that after tasting the bubble tea in Chun Shui Tang, she realized all the bubble teas she had in Korea/Canada were all lies. Her concept for bubble tea completely changed and she couldn’t help herself but look for the Chun Shui Tang at the airport! OH YES there is a Chun Shui Tang at the international airport terminal 2 food court.

This vlog is filmed with HTC Re and edited via Adobe Premiere Pro, find out more about the camera on my review:

Link to the café

Anyway, let me know after you give it a shot 😉 Thanks for watching!

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