Taiwan Travel Vlog | Taipei Zoo + Huashan Creative Park + Daan Park

Our holiday trip took us to the beautiful land of Taipei, Taiwan. It was the Chua family’s (my side of the family) very first out of the country trip since my brother and I got married and had our own families.

It was an adventure, especially traveling with three toddlers and a baby. But we managed. 🙂 Thanks to my parents and my single siblings for helping out with the kiddos. 🙂

This trip is a good guide if you plan to visit Taipei with kids. We kept it flexible, light and just overall CHILLLL. 🙂 It was a wise decision since the weather wasn’t really cooperating with us. There was a bit of rain. It would’ve been the perfect weather if it wasn’t raining.

Of course we visited Taipei Zoo (yeah, even though it was raining). The kids enjoyed it nonetheless. My highlight that day was seeing those two elephants. Truly majestic animals. It took my breath away, moms!

We were supposed to go to Jiufen and Shifen on our 3rd day but we weren’t able to book the tour from Klook. We didn’t attempt to go there on our own to avoid stress (it was a vacation after all). I thought we could still book a day before but alas, it was sold out. Oh well, saved it for next time. 🙂 Lesson learned: Book ahead of time. 😉 Like when we booked our pocket wifi a few weeks before our trip.

Do check out Klook on your next trip. You might just get amazing tours and deals. 🙂

So instead we got to check out one of the creative parks in Taiwan, Huashan 1914 Creative Park. I would have loved to check out all of the stores and activities they had, but we got distracted with the DIY music box (it took us a while getting it done hehe). So that was the highlight of the day. Light definitely enjoyed that one.

When we first went to Taiwan with Light ( I had Daan Park in my itinerary too. But it was also raining that day so we weren’t able to go. This time around, the weather, thankfully, let us enjoy the park. It didn’t rain. The weather was just right. It was the perfect place to exhaust all energy from the kids haha. Plus, a wonderful area to take those family photos (like we did). I mean all those natural light and “greenery”.

I do hope you enjoyed our Taiwan video. I have some tips here and there so you’d better watch ’til the end. 🙂

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