Visiting the OG STUD | Taiwan Summer 2k19

TRAVEL VLOGS ARE BACK! My family and I are currently in Taiwan, mostly visiting relatives but also for some exploration. I’ve been here many times in the past, so there isn’t as much exploration as in my Europe trip, but nonetheless, I just wanted to capture some moments from our trip.

also, claw machines are super fun. don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.




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My name is Raye and I am currently on a gap year after being medically disqualified from West Point’s Class of 2022. Follow my channel as I share my journey through my gap year and offer what I’ve learned thus far in my 19 years as a student, athlete, and mentor. Starting in the fall of 2019, I will begin as a freshman at USC.

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  1. Eve L

    Man this makes me miss Taiwan. Maybe you can film a video on the different snacks they have at 7-11. I know the Lays chips in Taiwan have so many cool flavors.

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