14 BEST THINGS TO DO IN TAIPEI TAIWAN | Top Taipei Attractions

I spent an exciting 9 days in Taipei Taiwan. A fortune telling street, a snake and toilet restaurant, night markets…here’s my best things to do in Taipei. What is on your top Taipei attractions list?

15 BEST THINGS TO DO IN TAIPEI | Top Must See Attractions

Historical Monuments & Landmarks

1. Chiang Kai Shek Memorial
2. Changing of the Guards
3. Sun Yat Sen Memorial
4. National Palace Museum
5. Lonshan Temple
6. Elephant Mountain (hiking & view of Taipei 101)
7. Fortune Telling Street
8. Huaxi Night Market | Snake Alley
9. Cats & Cafe
10. Modern Toilet

Popular Night Markets in Taipei

11. Shilin Night Market
12. Raohe Night Market
13. Damsui

Contemporary Arts & Culture
14. Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

Correction: There I’ve accidentally skipped a number and there are actually only 14 top attractions mentioned. So I’ll add a few more to the list that didn’t make the video list due to time. Note:Written Taipei travel guide with more details to come on my blog.

15. Taiwanese Food & Bubble Tea (Keep an eye out for my Taiwanese food guide)
16. Taipei Metro Station Shopping
17. Free Day Tours
18. Food Tour with Taipei Eats

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36 Replies to “14 BEST THINGS TO DO IN TAIPEI TAIWAN | Top Taipei Attractions”

  1. Andrea Emanuela Bossoni

    Amazing. A possible destination to move to for working and living. 🙂 Thank you Christine for this wonderful "jump" into Taipei's aliveness… 🙂

  2. Ray Haffenden

    Very good video, lived and worked in Taipei during the 80's and love the town to bits! You missed Ang Mo Kio in Damsui, used to be the British Embassy and is a lovely colonial era building. Also Yang Min National Park and Peitou's hot springs…

  3. 144.233.377 610.987.1597

    I always wondered how Taiwan looks like but I never got time to research. But now watching the whole series of your documentary travelling videos I learned so much. Big thank you. I can never reward you even with my patreon subscription.

  4. Lome Roger

    I’m going to Taipei on March to photograph and surely it’s a very cool place. Your video was really helpful but but was hard for me to concentrate and watch it properly because you’re so beautiful…!!! you distracted me. lol

  5. andrea CHiao

    16. Dalongdong Baoan Temple, ^O^ Next to Confucius Temple , really beautiful at dusk
    UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation

  6. arrotoxietak

    It looks like almost all fortune tellers can speak Japanese too (日本語OK is written everywhere). That''s great! I cannot speak Mandarin but my Japanese is acceptable. I will go there.

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