Traveling From Chiang Mai To Bangkok To Taipei, Taiwan! | #1VIDaDAY #21

welcome back to #1vidaday! i am in taiwan!!! woot woot! check out my travel diary coming to taipei from chaing mai through an amzing last day in bangkok. iv’e been through quite the ordeal but it’s definitely worth it!!!
stay tuned for more videos from taiwan Maniacs!!


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29 Replies to “Traveling From Chiang Mai To Bangkok To Taipei, Taiwan! | #1VIDaDAY #21”

  1. Steve Phillips

    I thought I get into some tight corners Henya, just travelling here in UK. But nothing to what you been through. Police are not allowed here to give lifts, unless putting someone under arrest. But years ago old fashion bobby (police-officer) would give me a lift while I was hitch-hiking to school for example, not that I was there very often, seldom went really. Take care beautiful. Always best to travel with a friend.

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    Do check out our latest travel vid:

    (We definitely had lots of fun filming those clips)
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  3. Krisztina Majoros

    You are so brave Girl! Travelling alone to cities, countries where you never been before!
    I wish I had the guts to do the same 😉
    Good Night! See you tomorrow 😉

  4. Lauren Jade

    Awesome you made some vegan friends before even arriving in Taiwan! Would have been scary walking at night there :s
     Glad you're safe and had somewhere to stay! <3 xx

  5. Mike On Raw

    such a trip.  I've only once ever been in a fight but when I see facial piercings I always worry for the person if they ever get in a fight.  Love the music in the police car.

  6. mike flynn

    Henya Henya Henya. Sorry but the Nose Ring just doesn't cut it with me. But then again I'm from the Hippy Generation & we're just too old to go for piercings. To me (and please do not take this the wrong way) nose rings were for leading steers around by the nose.  On the positive side of things, I do love you Vegan Blogs & Videos. You can be serious, funny and silly all at the same time. In this one I think you said you were very sleepy but I couldn't tell. Love Ya, along with all of your Henya Maniacs. 😉

  7. Mike Sloper

    Sad you left chiang mai, seemed like you were having a good time there and made lots of friends. I know this is the first time you are travelling by your self, but can I give you heart felt advice? PLAN BEFORE YOU GO! Doing a little research and booking online in advance will make things 100x more enjoyable, especially if you've never been there before.

    For example: It seems like if you just took the the metro instead of taxi's in bangkok you could have used that money for a flight to Bangkok (often 700 THB) instead of a 10 hour mind numbing bus ride. And the metro is usually quicker. 

  8. Child of God

    year of the GOAT baby! 😀 

    i guess I'll have to check out kao san rd. when I get to bangkok. it's a good thing you met those fellow vegans in the airport. always making friends. and I thought it was cool how you did your outro all tired and not giving a fuck! lmao

  9. Sunny Chen

    That's so cool sitting in the police car!! I did it once too though lol Aw I'm sorry you didn't find a hostel to stay in the first day:( Henya I would love to help you! If you ever come to Tainan, you can stay in our hotel:)

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