Accommodation in Taipei can be a bit pricey, so we decided to stay in a Star Wars themed capsule hotel.

Stay at UZ Capsule Hostel



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Canon 80d
Canon G7X Mark II
DJI Mavic Air
Iphone 8 Plus
GoPro Hero 3+
Macbook Pro 13
RhinoShield Wide Angled Lens

Camera Backpack
G7X Camera Case
2TB Hardrive
64GB SD Card
Extra Battery

Final Cut Pro X

Epidemic Sounds

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33 Replies to “STAYING IN A CAPSULE HOTEL || Taipei, Taiwan”

  1. ian bowden

    Cosytrophobic I think. ;-]. Bit of both. Anyway, I,m struggling keeping up with you guys…..Vlog after vlog.;-]. Yes Micha, it was unusual for Justina to actually take a second or two to express her taste emotions for once. ;-]. I wanna cuddle that pooch. mega cute. ;-]


    I would definitely like to try staying in a capsule hotel. Looks like fun! A chance to be a kid again! Lol! Light Sabre included yes? Lol! 😁😀😁😀

  3. Darryl K

    Micha, aches on thin mattress, are you getting old or more discerning? 😂 Justina is nuts on drums, your friend behind you should be wearing a helmet…someone say concussion?
    Don't mix the tea…

  4. John bellagiolake

    Don't Forget to visiting Disneyland grand opening star wars galaxy edge may 31, 2019 in California United States and have fun. Make sure to have reservations.

  5. fishonatic SG

    I developed klostrophobic last year when i took the taxi. Suddenly felt so suffocated and stuffy and cant breathe much. Haha. Buses and boats cause no harm. Your explorations is my utmost enjoyment.

  6. Jamesyboy Experiment - Travel Channel

    Cracking intro. Looking forward to the 7 eleven video if you say they are better than Thailand. Food scene in Taiwan looks amazing. Capsule hotels look cosy to us 😍

  7. Marcel Nunis

    It may be Star Wars themed… but when you showed us the capsule hotel Alien (the first one) ran through my mind. I guess that makes you a couple of kick-ass Ripley types… but I knew that already. 🙂 And that little dog is such a diva. Cheers, Ladies!

  8. Ed Van-West

    Awesome hotel capsules, I wish they have one like that in Manila. I love the downtown area with all the stores and the neon lights; looks so nice ambience with the rain.

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