HILARIOUS Tai Chi, Hot Springs, and Shrimp Fishing Day Trips from Taipei | 12 Days in Taiwan EP5

This is what happens when you try tai chi for the first time in Taipei. We were completely out of our element at the temple but so amused with how clueless I’m sure we looked to the locals. Right after we head to the town of Wulai just south of Taipei to finally soak ourselves in one of many hot springs in the area. It was hot, cold, and sometimes just right but Yen Town was the perfect place to soothe our aching muscles. If that wasn’t enough, we wrapped up our day at a hip new place called Addiction Aquatic Development and then tried our hand at the favourite Taiwanese past-time of shrimp fishing.

With a days left to go on our trip, we made sure to make it count making a fast-forward race to have Din Tai Fung for the famed xiao long bao and buy pineapple pastry/cake for friends and family back home.

And just like that, our 12 days in Taiwan trip comes to a close. I have to thank Joshua of MyTaiwanTour for this episode and introducing us to his tai chi class, and showing us Wulai.

– Tai chi at Muzha Zhongshun Temple 1:14
– Wulai 3:27
– Yen Town hot springs 4:16
– Tribal lunch in Wulai 6:02
– Wulai temple 6:31
– Bitan and Rainbow popsicle shop 6:42
– Gogoro electric scooters 7:06
– Addiction Aquatic Development 7:43
– Shrimp Fishing in Zhongshan district 8:12
– Din Tai Fung 11:30
– Chia Te 13:10
– SunnyHills 14:23
– Ice Galaxy 14:40
– WESTGATE Hotel 14:49
– 7-Eleven 14:57
– Taoyuan International Airport 16:11

The travelogue, 12 Days in Taiwan, follows the adventures of Will from Going Awesome Places as he and his wife travel all around the country of Taiwan in search of adventure, culinary delights, ways to live like a local, and get a better understanding of Taiwanese culture.

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❤️ Special thanks to Taiwan Tourism Bureau for making this trip happen!

💡 Want to know every single place we visited?:

💡 As if you needed more reasons to go to Taiwan:

– Westgate Hotel in Taipei –

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Produced, filmed & edited by Will Tang
Music via epidemicsound.com

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26 Replies to “HILARIOUS Tai Chi, Hot Springs, and Shrimp Fishing Day Trips from Taipei | 12 Days in Taiwan EP5”

  1. Olivier Plusquellec

    Omg you went to all those familiar places, even the 7eleven at the end. I definitely know Taiwan more than my own country. Thanks for those vlogs it was really nice and you gave me more ideas for this summer 😄 Let's explore South Africa with you now!

  2. Jonnie Hartling

    Amazing! This looks like such a fun place to visit. I would never have thought of Taiwan as somewhere I wanted to visit, but you've changed that!

  3. Michael Gilmour

    Wow, Taiwan looks like an incredible place to Visit. My bucket list is getting expensive! I'm going to have to wait until the kids grow up before my wife and I can travel. We'll simply have to live through other's experiences (such as yours!) Until we're in a better position travel.

  4. Hideki Brian Gomi

    Missed your post so I watched your review of peak design’s backpack again last night lol. Great coverage. Man, I can spend a month in Taiwan. Eat eat eat until I explode and soak in hot springs – that’s the life!

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