Shihmen Reservoir Live Cam 石門水庫即時影像

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石門水庫是台灣北部的重要水庫之一,也是賞花的好去處。冬季時節,放眼望去,楓葉一片金黃;梅花雪白花海,令人目不暇給。春天來臨之時,更有桃花、櫻花、杜鵑爭妍鬥豔。每逢雨季,大壩洩洪時,場面壯觀,總吸引許多遊客前來遊賞。石門水庫還設有石門大壩碼頭及阿姆坪碼頭,旅客可搭乘遊艇環湖, 在湖面上飽覽壯麗的水庫風光。

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Shihmen Reservoir official Live Cam in Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Shihmen Reservoir is reputed for its beautiful lake and mountain views all year round. Connected to over a dozen tourist attractions, the Reservoir offers green parks, bikeways, lake yachts, dam, spillway, wharf, Xizhou Park, Maple Park, Nanyuan Ecological Park, and so on.

Shihmen Reservoir is also a great place to admire the magnificent beauty of flowers and leaves. Fiery maple leaves and snow-white plum blossoms catch your eye in the wintertime. When spring comes, the peach, cherry and azalea bloom to compete for visitors’ attention with their captivating beauty. In the rainy season, Shihmen Dam will discharge its water, providing a spectacular view that attracts a great number of tourists.

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