Don't Make These MISTAKES When Traveling in Taiwan

In this video, I briefly discuss some of the biggest mistakes that people make when travelling through Taiwan.

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Clips used and references:
“You shall not pass!” Gandalf, Lord of the Rings

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20 Replies to “Don't Make These MISTAKES When Traveling in Taiwan”

  1. Kevin Reily

    Good Advice, for Asia in general, as I live in Thailand and many of these things are the same. Just common sense, but some people never think about being in a different culture. THANKS.

  2. VinniesBucketList

    Just got back from China and I'm looking at going to Taiwan for my next Asia trip for filming and I've been watching a few videos about Taiwan to get some ideas on what to film/vlog for my channel so my whole news feed has been taken up with Taiwan videos. This one was helpful, thank you. Gotta say though, what's wrong with the two guys being naked in family mart.. Seriously?!

  3. Scooby Skullx

    We know adverts help pay for the videos , thanks but a few seconds in it comes on! Totally destroys the good feeling of what to expect from your hardwork,

  4. wayne hu

    Taiwanese motorists are rude and disorderly. They should be dealt with harshly. Maybe ruled by Communist China will teach them how to appreciate civil liberty and personal freedom.

  5. Sean Alcorn

    Great video. I lived in Taiwan from 1991 to 1999. Interesting comment about “Chinese”. When courting my wife in 1989, she was not happy when I wrote “Taiwanese” on our immigration cards when we visited Japan. Most people I met would identify themselves as “I am a Chinese”. Fast forward to around the time of a very large earthquake with it’s epicentre in 南投 and I feel there was an entire shift in Taiwanese identity.. My wife and most Taiwanese I know now identify as Taiwanese. And of course, most mainland Chinese have great difficulty in believing this to be true.

  6. Dark Roast Lefty

    yeah! don't be a bad apple!!! in the states, lots of Chinese mainlanders are tilting the scale of foreign asians in the eyes of locals towards the negative side… SMH

  7. Jisk

    Being Dutch, I am used to cycling everywhere. Would you say it is safe to cycle in the big cities and how is the infrastructure for cyclists in Taiwan? How accessible are national parks and such by bicycle? Loving the videos by the way, they're very informative 🙂

  8. CutieMoli

    My biggest regret of the time I spent in Taiwan 2 years ago is getting drunk and stealing chocolate at 7Eleven because "It's chocolate from my country and therefore it belongs to me" I'm scared of going back to the 7Eleven near Tainan Station because I'm scared they might recognise me!

  9. Calvin Wongn

    That comment that you made about baring it all brought out college memories. Running naked in the middle of winter outside of girls dorm in a Christian run school! Bets we're made too. I think they were suspended, but not sure.

  10. Joseph Studley

    I have heard from people that the reason why people don't yield is that yielding in general slows down traffic and makes bad traffic even worse. I can sort of understand the logic somewhat.

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