【Drone 4K】Taiwan Travel/ 台灣/ Orchid Island/ Lanyu/ 蘭嶼 – Akokey (雅美語 / 達悟語)

Orchid Island/ Lanyu/ Ponso no tao – is a small volcanic island off the southeastern coast of Taiwan Island (in Taitung/ Taidong County) inhabited mostly by Tao (Yami) people. It’s famous for its amazing nature, unique culture and traditions. Great place for to visit when you travelling in Taiwan.

Syaman Macinanao is a local songwriter. In this video he sings together with his wife – Sinan Macinanao – a song called “Akokey” in the local Yami language. The song was written for their daughter while she was studying in Taiwan, far away from home.

▸ Video was shot and edited by Jakub Kolodynski 林奈

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