13 Replies to “Fun Taiwan – Tainan”

  1. Mike Thomas

    Ya. I roll my eyes a little at the hostesses but you have to appreciate their enthusiasm. I love to see how taiwan has changed since I lived there.

  2. Yifang Hong

    I'm from Tainan, and I have to say although this video hasn't included everything about Tainan, but it has introduced a lot of common culture here. Very great to start exploring Tainan by it.

  3. John U

    Are there any travel documentaries on Tainan or Taiwan in general that 1) Don't have annoyingly HYPER ABC presenters? 2) Goes to ALL the attractions tourists would ACTUALLY WANT TO VISIT? Sorry, but if Tainan is the "Kyoto of Taiwan" w/ the most temples/preserved old buildings, I am NOT interested in watching a Doc about drummers in abandoned sugar factories, poster painters and the like!

  4. Feliks Gailitis

    I lived in Tainan for nearly 2 years. I also got to spend time in Hualien and see most of Taiwan.  Taiwan is absolutely one of my favorite places on earth

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