Taiwan's 'Rainbow Village' is an Instagram hot spot

Colourful murals that brighten “Rainbow Village” in the city of Taichung in central Taiwan have helped a former veterans’ settlement evolve into an attraction for locals and tourists alike. The murals were painted by Huang Yung-fu, who was born in Taishan county of China’s southern Guangdong province in 1924.

Also known as the “Rainbow Grandpa”, Huang is a former Kuomintang soldier who fought in the Second Sino-Japanese war and China’s civil war. He was among some 2 million Chinese who fled to Taiwan after Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist army lost the civil war in 1949. Soldiers were given temporary dwellings in hundreds of dedicated military villages across the island.

After Taiwan’s government made plans to redevelop settlements in the 1990s, Huang started to paint murals which ultimately saved some of the houses in Rainbow Village from demolition.

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31 Replies to “Taiwan's 'Rainbow Village' is an Instagram hot spot”

  1. George Martinus

    I do happy to see his visionary move to create this impressive art. And he surely happy when tourists come along to make this tiny village merrier.
    But one thing….
    I don't see anything wrong with people taking pictures, however I do have a problem if most of these tourists come here are concerning how many likes they can get on social media rather than genuinely appreciating the work and the story behind it.

  2. Twe Foju

    how is this news worthy in 2019? i mean this Village has been in Taichung for so many years, and only made the news in 2019? been here 3x myself around 10 years ago

  3. Youtube Username 2019

    For someone who's turning 97, Grandpa looks very strong and healthy. I wonder how long it took him to finish all that and when he started it.

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