Travel to Taiwan!

The ‘Heart of Asia’ was my last stop before headin’ home. It’s a surprisingly beautiful country, and without much surprise it was infinitely better than mainland China. Highlights from the video include: a Taipei street party, betel nut girls, Taipei night markets, eating turtle and drinking snake blood, a Filipino disco, Taroko Gorge, local hot springs and volcanic mud baths.

Taiwan has all the comforts of the first world, and a lot of the charm in the people of a third world nation. Absolutely a recommended stop!

Follow the lessons-learned and stories-told in photos and videos from a really slow trip around the world.


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41 Replies to “Travel to Taiwan!”

  1. ted Chen

    Oh! No, It's quite a terribly sorry ! Nation Taiwan is an independent country. Taiwanese people are different from Chinese people. Taiwan government has it's own sovereignty. Taiwan is a very marvelous country. Welcome to Taiwan !

  2. dragonbaobao

    Hey kid, don't judge the whole group by the actions of the few. If you think you are such a righteous person, then don't try to divide people with your prejudiced comments!

  3. Chian-Heng Lee

    love the vid! unlike those ordinary sightseeing video, this is what you will actually see. It's real, and I miss this place a lot….
    and the intro at the beginning is brilliant!

  4. Daozhongqi Zun


  5. Happy Life WISH

    im actually from Taiwan and to tell the truth i didn eat snake and turtle before it too fucking challenging to  me but maybe ill try it someday

  6. spicykimchi1

    I'm an American living in Shanghai, and I'd like to get the hell out of China and move to Taiwan. But please, anybody, tell me this: is public smoking a big problem in Taiwan? Will I have to deal with it in bathrooms, ATM booths, elevators, etc.? Thanks!

  7. PPJ Labuschagne

    taiwan is not a province of China! It is The Republic of China, and China is the People's Republic, Taiwan is an independent country, nothing to do with China mainland!

  8. Jack Wang

    Loved your opening remark!  The contrast between China and Taiwan is so clear; all one has to do it see it for oneself.  Sure, the culture is still somewhat foreign to an American (especially the food, as shown in your video!); but the display of democracy, civility, rule of law, basic respect for human rights must be familiar to an American.  Thanks for the video.

  9. TetsusaigaDrgn

    whats the name of the rap songs at the end of your video?  also, im going to taiwan for 2 days before going to japan.  do you have any suggestions for which part of tapei i should and what kind of activities i should do for those two days. we're big foodies by the way

  10. Aries7

    I thought u were serious when u said Taiwan was a province of china. LOL they don't like being compared to china mainland, almost the same like north korea and south, even though they are of the same descent. 

  11. Kalvin Taur

    I read the most of the comments and I see a lot of people,including me, that are proud to be Taiwanese. I really miss Taiwan, I've haven't been back in 4 years already:( Anyway, I'm just going to throw it out there that I find it so annoying having to explain to Americans that I'm "Taiwanese" not Chinese because they call me a commie and a dog eater!?! I tell them it's like me saying that they are Canadian but then they get mad at me LOL. I also get make fun of by people in Mainland China, saying that Taiwanese people are a bunch of scumbags and should be treated like slaves or dogs. But seeing this video makes me feel so proud of my country(and the U.S.) that I just ignore them 100%.  I hope to go back to Taiwan by this summer to see family and do all the stuff that he did in this video but who knows?

  12. TingsHappen

    I am taiwanese, and I thank you for the lovely comments in the beginning of this video. THANK YOU. I always get talked down upon when confronting Chinese elders about my nationality. When I was 16, a 40 year old man had the audacity to tell me "Taiwanese people are nothing better than dogs". I will be visiting Taiwan in a week, this video really help out!

  13. Chen Tim

    hi how are you doing , did u only visit northern Taiwan? i recommended the southern tiawan to you , haha i so surprisd that you eat the turtle Lol , I can not eat , will you go to taiwan again someday?

  14. Mika Lee

    I loved Asia so much I have never left. I went on a vacation and never went back. But dude you are crazy eating some of that stuff. But I did love the video.

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