My Minimalist Travel Packing (Taiwan)

I wouldn’t say that I am a minimalist, but when it comes to packing for a trip I am all about efficiency. Not having to pack a bunch of clothes just seems like a no-brainer. Here’s how I packed for a 11 day work trip in Taiwan.

Links to all the stuff below!

What I use to shoot my videos!
Vlog Lens:
Other Lens:
My editing drive:

Other stuff!
My jacket:
Klean Kanteen bottle!
The new version of my bag:
The better version of my duffel:

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48 Replies to “My Minimalist Travel Packing (Taiwan)”

  1. Quentin T

    Levi ! You should checkout the Good Planet foundation, it’s basically a NPO for the environment that calculates your environmental footprint and then, you can give money depending on how big it is. Considering flying is very very bad for the environment (and I’m not judging, I fly too and I think it’s sometimes necessary when you don’t have a viable option), this could balance things out (:

  2. Suzaidee Mohd Shom

    Glad you enjoy that bubble tea. By the way, I think you can try to reduce your camera bag weight by keeping the charger in a luggage bag. I always do that because I don't think I need a camera charger while roaming the city 🙂

  3. Oskar JS

    You are making awsome videos about saving the enviroment but still youre not vegan (telling by the milk bubble tea). I just dont understand that one thing. Why is that? I mean we've all seen cowspiracy I am sure.

  4. superkrabban

    You are wrong. You are doing it wrong. You don't need a four wheel roller bag. A backpack is better in cases where you actually carry your load around. You can't explore with a roller bag.

  5. AperolSpritz W

    Just subscribed and found this video of you in Taiwan. It looks like you had a great time in my hometown. Traveling with carry-on is my goal.

  6. Allies All Around

    I guess it's true that you don't need much equipment to create good videos. True, that what you use personally adds up to a hefty price, but I've also seen good work using minimal DSLRs. Intriguing how you didn't even use bounce cards when creating this video, yet it still has good lighting proportions.

    Also, do you have any further explanation on why you separated your underwear and socks from the rest of your clothes? Isn't all of it clean so it really doesn't matter if it is intermingled?

  7. Salmita

    Hey Levi! My name is Salma and I'm president for KG Earth Club. It would mean a lot if you could check out our website: We're located in downtown Vancouver and would love to collaborate with you on environmental change and awareness. Right now we are working towards reducing our waste as a school by encouraging students to use reusable cups when they grab drinks from local coffee shops and want to create a video about our story and process. It would mean a lot for you to email us ([email protected]). We really love your videos! Thanks a bunch!

  8. Raw LawGirl

    For some reason, I thought you were Vegan until I saw you choking down that Bubble Tea. I guess I often think minimalism and care for the planet (no plastic, etc) automatically means the consciousness is high enough to understand the impact of cattle on the environment not to mention compassion for all living beings!

  9. Noukz37

    That's actually awesome, especially for a professional video maker! By the end of this year, I'll need to downsize to less than a 100 items and join the minimalist movement, I set this goal for myself at last New Year's, and it's quite the challenge.

  10. Hsinyi Huang

    Here in Taiwan the restaurants are also open for customers to bring their own containers! It is also getting more and more popular to bring your own chopsticks to avoid single utensils 🙂 Otherwise the vendors still tend to give you all the plastic bags and package which is so unnecessary

  11. MoonbearDiedHere

    Wow. You use a G4. That's great. I wish the newer Panasonic cameras weren't so big.

    I've recently decided to stick with my Lumix G7 ( 3 years ) and GoPro Hero 5 ( 1.5 years) until they break. Then I can upgrade.

  12. Laura Dalessandro

    Hi Levi, I was an exchange student in Taiwan (taichung) 2 almost 3 years ago and i have to say i am so jealous you're there and not me!
    Its a wonderful country with amazing people, street food and great public transport!
    Hoping to see more of your vlogs around the country, I miss it very much. I hope you have a great time there!
    Love your channel

  13. TheFoocookie

    As a person who loves to collect a lot of rubbish I agree with your idea of minimalism. It's a great way to keep yourself in check on what really is necessary.

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