Vegan in Taiwan Vagrant Vegan Taipei vlog part 3

Here we are again, day 3 we do to an all vegan grocery store. Directions are
From Taipei main station take the train to the Wanlong exit, exit the station at exit one. When you get to the street look left and you will see lane 236 follow that about 100 meters and you will see a sign follow it and turn left follow the signs and it is in an alley way clearly marked. it has everything you need to be vegan in Taipei we have a video coming out showing 7 essentials to get at ivegan while traveling Taipei.

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  1. Two Fruity Forests

    It's pitty you missed so many vegan places. Happy cow is not a very useful guide for Taiwan. There are tons of vegan food options around Taipei main station. This video (has english subtitle) shows over 150 vegan food you can get within Taipei station.

  2. Pamela Phinn

    I’m so glad that after all the searching you guys finally found vegan food 🌱 looking forward to seeing your next video thanks for sharing 🌱🌱

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