Trump signs US-Taiwan travel bill, angers China

President Donald Trump has signed a new travel bill, allowing senior US officials to go to Taiwan to meet Taiwanese counterparts and vice versa, a move that has angered China, which regards Taiwan as a wayward province.

The White House said Friday that the non-binding bill, irrespective of whether Trump had signed it or not, would have gone into effect on Saturday morning.

This comes as tension is rising between Washington and Beijing after Trump has introduced tariffs and called for China to reduce its huge trade imbalance with the United States.

Earlier on Friday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang reiterated that Beijing opposed the legislation, urging the United States to conform to the “one China” policy and halt official exchanges with Taiwan.

The Chinese embassy released a statement, saying that said clauses of the legislation “severely violate the one-China principle, the political foundation of the China-US relationship.”

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30 Replies to “Trump signs US-Taiwan travel bill, angers China”

  1. Kianglek Tan

    Well, I'm sure Texas, California and Hawai'i could sign their own agreements with other countries

    The Federal government allows that

    Besides, Taiwan isn't just a state/province/region under Beijing's control

    It's officially the ROC

  2. Street Rider

    Corruption and a govt only concerned with their own wealth and power… the reason why CHINA is weak….. CHINA DOES NOT have its own army navy or airforce. Those are sworn to the CCP [ chinese communist party ] hahahha what a joke fo a fkg country.

  3. Yes No

    Taiwan like Hong Kong have to return back to china when the time come US doing what they do best playing father know best, mistake is they forget China had grown much bigger the the so call father god bless you so call dad. 😧

  4. RUSHONE precyone

    Jun chen why are you so angry? You have to relax sir, you might have a stroke.Mr Jun chen i think someone with all of this hate hides.
    You wont say all of that trash talk cara a cara.But its fine if you would ever need any help and i can help you or any one i will be there to help you or anyone.It dont matter whats your ethnicity.
    Dios lo bendiga.GOD bless you and yours.

  5. Choi Sha

    Who the Hell is CHINA trying to control TIawan…
    TIawan is a Independent Free Country. And Taiwanese people don’t like to be controlled by CHINA …

  6. Dadson worldwide

    It's amazed me how the true leadership of China had to run to Taiwan yet survives to this day.
    Russians communist backing just couldn't take full control of China.

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