Taipei Travel Tips | How Expensive Is Taipei, Taiwan?

How expensive is Taipei? In our Taipei travel tips guide to Taiwan we cover arriving from the airport, accommodations, local transportation and free attractions in the city. We explore what to see and do and local must eats including what we loved about Taipei along with what we hated about Taipei. Now let’s explore the cost of travel in Taipei, Taiwan in depth!

Official Exchange Rate: $1 USD = 31.53 New Taiwan Dollar (current as of January, 2017)

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Arriving from the International Airport in Taipei:

1) Express airport buses (NT$120 and NT$150 = S4 to $5 USD)
2) High Speed Rail (NT$165 = approximately $6 USD)
3) Airport shuttle (TWD 350 = $11 USD)
4) Taxi ride ( NT$900-$1200 = approximately $30 to $40 USD)

Accommodations in Taipei:

1) Hostel in Taipei – ($12 to $20 USD)
2) 2 star or 3 star Hotel in Taipei – ($40 to $120 USD)
3) AirBnB in Taipei or apartment in Taipei (rental) – ($40-120 for entire flat)

In our opinion it doesn’t matter where in Taipei you stay as long as you’re within walking distance from a Taipei Metro Station (MRT).

Local Transportation around Taipei:

MRT Metro in Taipei with an EasyCard giving you a 20% discount on single rides starting at 16 Taiwan Dollars = roughly 50 cents USD and can go as high as 60 NTD depending on how far you go.

The EasyCard costs only NT$100 (just over $3 USD) and can be used for the MRT, certain museums, the Maokong Gondola and public bicycles.

One Day Pass is NT$200 for unlimited Taipei Metro travel.

Taipei Free Attractions (Free things to do in Taipei):

1) Views of Taipei from Elephant Hill
2) Night markets in Taipei
3) Chiang Kai Shek Memorial
4) Beitou Hot Springs
5) Longshan Temple

Things to do in Taipei (Taipei must see):

1) Taipei 101 – Adult ticket is NT$600 =under $20 USD
2) Maokong Gondola – NT 120 = $4 USD each way
3) Taiwanese Food (restaurants and street food) – Various prices

What to eat in Taipei (Taiwanese food):

1) Night Markets for street food – 20-150 NTD = less than a dollar up to five dollars UDS
2) Din Tai Fung = $7 to $12 USD per person
3) Cheap Meal – $2-4 dollars USD (example – Beef Noodle Soup)

Things we LOVED about Taipei (I love Taipei):

1) Taiwanese Street Food and Taipei Night Markets
2) Proximity to nature – many easy day trips away from the city centre
3)Awesome metro system = Taipei MRT is your friend 🙂
4) Friendly and helpful locals
5) Foodie Scene (inexpensive and tasty local eats)

Things we HATED about Taipei (I hate Taipei):

1) Weather (lots of rain) in the supposed dry season. Highly subjective and our bad luck
2) Rush hour for taking the MRT (it gets really crowded at times)

Final Thoughts:

We absolutely loved our time traveling to Taipei, Taiwan and would recommend visiting the city to everyone. We found plenty of things to do in the downtown core and outside of the city centre and we’re not exaggerating by saying we think Taipei is the Foodie Capital of Asia.

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Taipei Travel Tips | How Expensive Is Taipei, Taiwan? Transcript:

This is part of our Travel in Taiwan video series showcasing Taiwanese food, Taiwanese culture and Taiwanese cuisine.

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30 Replies to “Taipei Travel Tips | How Expensive Is Taipei, Taiwan?”

  1. Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos

    I hope you enjoyed our Taipei travel tips video and that it will help you save some money during your visit. We also created a 30 Things to do in Taipei travel guide where we highlight all of the places we visited and local foods we sampled on our trip >

  2. T B-SHAW

    planning trip to Thailand from Austin in April. Which city would choose for a two night layover, Narita, Taipei or Hong Kong.. Wife and i are older but in gteat shape. Please Advise, Thanks

  3. Anthony Oliver

    Dont book an AIRBNB near any holiday times like xmas , we had two cancel on us we booked a 2 bedroom place 3 months ago for $75 they cancelled 60 days later then we booked a great place for S125 a night they just cancelled and we are leaving 22nd December , we are currently paying $240 a night for the same size place ? They all cancelled because they can get a better price and its to late for us to book a Hotel they are either full or to expensive .. that was a costly lesson ..

  4. Ricardo Duarte

    Dear Audrey and Samuel. 

    Thank you for this video. I will be visiting Taipei for the New Year of 2018-2019 and found it extremely useful! Keep up the good work! Thanks again.

    Ricardo from Lisbon, Portugal

  5. Mrs. Dylan Wang

    Hi! Just came across this video while searching for tips on what to do in Taiwan. I just want to ask if you have any really good suggestions for me since I will only be there for a 10 hr layover. I know it’s kind of really pressed for time to squeeze in all those great tips you gave in your video but how abt for a really quick stop in Taiwan? Which places do you think I should go to? Thanks so much in advance! I know it’s a year late from when you posted this vid but moght as well give it a try.😅

  6. Sarvs Falefitu

    Always dependable reviews! We’re planning a trip to Taipei for about 12 days and will defs eat our way through those markets. Love your travels vids. Keep it up

  7. raymund usi

    Stick to MRT and train as much as possible, most of the key locations and attractions can be easily accessed by riding MRT. Taxi drivers can rip people off especially tourists and ride the bus if you are familiar with the bus stops

  8. Ned Chu

    Compare to my city Vancouver, Canada
    Taipei is very expensive to buy movie tickets ( $15 USD – $17 USD), branded clothing ( $80 USD for Zara shirt ), beer ($12 USD), Real Estate ( average $ 1.02 m USD for condo )
    just cheap for food and transit
    I brought some Canadians back to Taipei last Oct, they were surprised by the cost of living there.
    A lot more expensive than they expected.

  9. Fernando Parra

    Could you please share the area you stayed ? Im considering in Daan neighborhood. There's a big park where i can probably explore early mornings. Thank you guys for the video is been a great source for my planning.

  10. Fernando Parra

    I'm Traveling to Taipei connecting from Hong Kong..I'm trying to decide between Eva Air, Hong Kong Airlines and China Airlines.. do you have any preference among them? thanks

  11. Maria Corazon Lorenzo

    see you Taiwan in 2 months , after 21 years i get to see some of the places i used to visit , but now with my family. I missed Taiwan.

  12. Davis Lin

    If you plan to visit Taiwan, please try not to visit Taiwan in July and August, because it's too hot.

    On the other hand, you can see those Taiwanese beauty's sexy legs only in Summer [email protected]@

    Talking about raining days which are not welcome for most of people.

    It's better not to visit Taiwan in the early Spring which is March, the raining season.

    I think that visiting Taiwan in Autumn and Winter season might be a good option for western friends.

  13. evomichael

    The airport MRT has begin to operate since March 2017
    It'll take you 35mins and 160NT(5US dollar) to get from the airport to Taipei main station
    Super convenient

  14. Ryan James

    Going to Taipei this November and I enjoyed watching all your Taiwan videos. So informative and helpful. Thank you for sharing your travels. ❤😁

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