7 Replies to “Travel With a Dollar | Episode 6 | Taipei, Taiwan | Part 1”

  1. Kurtney Inciong

    The ROCK ISLANDS AGGRESSOR™ and PALAU AGGRESSOR II™ are sisterships and have been an Aggressor Fleet destination for over 23 years. Palau's mushroom-shaped rock islands aboard the ROCK ISLANDS AGGRESSOR™ offer a variety of exciting dives: WWII wrecks, shark-infested channels, blue holes, and even a few caves. There are also sheer walls covered in lush soft corals and huge anemones. Beginner divers may find Palau's strong currents challenging….

  2. Roberto S

    @6:38 the lady said in Mandarin that the store had not yet opened. You were just unlucky to have chosen Lunar New Year to be landing in Asia where the majority of the countries celebrate this date one way or another.

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