Taiwan Travel Guide 2019 – Taipei, Taichung, Cingjing | 台灣旅行 (Cinematic Vlog)

Taiwan 2019 travel guide in summer itinerary below:

Travel Itinerary:

Day 1 – Taoyuan airport THSR to Taichung, FengJia Night Market.
Day 2 – Rainbow Village, Chun Shui Tang( Boba Tea), Painted Animation Lane, Night Market.
Day 3 – Rent Car to Farmosan Aboriginal Cultural Park, SunMoon Lake, drive to Cingjing Farm overnight.
Day 4 – Visit Cingjing Farm, Taroko National Park, DongDaMen Night Market in Hualien.
Day 5 – Take Train to Taipei, Shopping at XiMenDing
Day 6 – Taipei 101, Memorial Hall, Elephant Trail (Sunset), WuFenPu, Raohe night market
Day 7 – Jiufen, JingGuashi, Shifen Old Street, Shilin Night Market
Day8 – Volando Spa, Haidilao Hotpot, XiMenDing Shopping.
Day 9 – Back to TaoYuan Airport

TOTAL: approx. RM3000 Per Pax.

Cingjing Farm Stay Recommend:

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