Taiwan Travel Ad. 2016

The 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit TAIWAN!!
1. Hello everyone, I am Ben Hedges
2. I’m British, but I spent my youth in Hong Kong
3. I later also came to university in Taiwan
4. and now I host a television show speaking in Chinese
5. The show broadcasts in Taiwan and North America
6. I have traveled to many countries in Asia and today I want to share with you my five reasons why
Taiwan is the best Asian destination that you could visit
7. One, small but big
8. First, this island that was once called Ila Formosa, the beautiful isle
9. seems to have everything
10. and be able to accommodate any type of travel plan you could think of
11. You can ascend above a sea of clouds, climbing one of Taiwan’s over two hundred three
thousand meter peaks
12. yet also take the opportunity to relax in the blue ocean, on Taiwan’s endless stretches of
13. You can experience superior service in Taiwan’s vibrant cities
14. or sample the slower rhythms of life in Taiwan’s rustic villages
15. But what most important is
16. all these places may not be as far away as you think
17. and that is where the true magic of Taiwan lies
18. just a short trip on Taiwan’s high speed rail or other transportation
19. can lead you to vastly different experiences
20. Two, never lost in translation
21. Breaking through the language barrier is also something to consider when traveling
22. If you speak English
23. you will have no problem communicating in Taiwan
24. Most young people speak English to a good level


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