Taiwan Travel: Highlights of Kaohsiung City (高雄市).

Kaohsiung (高雄市) is the southern seaport of Taiwan. We spend about a week in this city in Oct 2018. Every city has something to offer if you make an effort to explore and enjoy. This video shows the places of interests this city has to offer. Thank you for watching and enjoy.

Places visited:
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
Lotus Lake,
Cijin Island,
Love River,
Shou Shan National Park,
Dome of Lights,
National Science and Technology Museum,
The British Consulate,
Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts,
Kaohsiung History Museum,
Liuhe Night Market,
Other Night Markets
Fo Guang Shan Temple,
Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum.

This video is recorded using the Xiaomi Mi Mijia 4k action camera mounted on the dedicated stabilized gimbal. It was filmed using 1080p 60 fps.

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