【Tasty Taiwan】Ep.1 Sticky Rice Ball【美味台灣】第ㄧ集:飯糰

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They say, “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” Taiwan is known for many wonderful things…friendly people, breathaking landscape, democracy AND food. Taiwanese snacks (小吃 xiǎochī – small eats) make me quit my diet so many times! Hence, I decided to launch a video/lesson series dedicated to Taiwanese street food and delicacies.

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Sticky Rice Ball store address: 傳香飯糰 Chuan Xiang Fan Tuan, 台北市文山區萬壽路12號

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17 Replies to “【Tasty Taiwan】Ep.1 Sticky Rice Ball【美味台灣】第ㄧ集:飯糰”

  1. Misha Explores 米夏探索台灣

    I love this format. So many Chinese language videos are either for beginners or too advanced. This was great for intermediate learners. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Joe Smith

    饭团 I used google translate! =D Fàntuán . rice ball. My first guesses came up with 梵天丸, 梵团, 反团. I perservered, though! I remember it's probably the character in Mifan (rice) 米饭.

    梵天丸很好吃! 😉

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