Problems With My Passport in Taipei | Vlog #507

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Welcome to my daily vlogs! TRAVEL. FOOD. COMEDY. SINGING. ANTS. LIFE.

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My bio is pretty random: In short, I am a professional singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada who moved to Manila, Philippines which sorta became my Hollywood because my first Youtube channel MIKEYBUSTOSVIDEOS grew popular due to Filipino comedy videos. Meanwhile, I’m also a big biology geek who is obsessed with ants, so I built an internationally operating ant business supported by another popular channel called ANTSCANADA, and well basically, today I travel and tour around the world doing what I love so I wanted to start this vlogging channel, in hopes to encourage you guys to follow your dreams no matter how random, by showing you what happened when I followed mine! You just never know where life will take you when you listen to the yearnings of your heart!

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45 Replies to “Problems With My Passport in Taipei | Vlog #507”

  1. Jeannette Wright

    Hi Mikey Have you quit vloging I can not found vlogs after 507 I wake up every morning to watch your vlogs Are you sick If you are I hope you get better soon I miss you RJ Ligaya and auntie Elsie I love you all I MISS YOU


    Hi mikey i was watching your past videos and i saw you have an african grey so i just wanna ask how do i potty train mine???
    Btw love your vids💜

  3. Willow Winkle

    edit: from the community page – no vlog today because of their bad internet quality where they are. There is new parody up on Mikey's comedy channel to watch though! And a new AC video.!

  4. Darwin Delos Reyes

    Oh my god! Hindi ko alam na may bagong channel. I thought you really stop vlogging, I missed all your vlogs in this channel so I need to watch your videos 3 times a day.

  5. Stefanie J

    I was looking up information on the Royal Hotel! Any advise for a silly American on how to read/translate their website?! My husband and I want to go to Taiwan!

  6. Riverten Kitchen

    always looking forward to your dad's joke hahaha… Rj's always serious in front of the cam. Typical husband. And you Mikey always have that kinikilig sa love glow 🙂

  7. John Ingram

    Now that my dad has passed and I take care of my mom I truly appreciate the precious little things like your “Daddy’s Joke of the Day”. ❤️

  8. Will Blue Training

    hey mikey hows lugaya doing? i flew my sun conure for first time outside today and video'd it if you wanna check it out. im over in BC canada 😀

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