We Tried Taiwanese Street Food in Taiwan Night Market | Kaohsiung, Taiwan

When we arrived in Taiwan and did a search on what to see and do – the number one thing was to try as much Taiwanese street food as possible at the night markets here in Kaohsiung.

Night markets we ate at:
– Ruifeng Night Market Kaohsiung
– Liouhe Night Market Kaohsiung

Food we ate
– Giant squid on a stick with yummy spices
– Scallion Pancake
– Milk bubble tea
– Sugar cane bubble tea
– Bubble tea toastie
– Sweet Potato Balls
– Fish ball soup

We also checked out some of the night market carnival games 🙂

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45 Replies to “We Tried Taiwanese Street Food in Taiwan Night Market | Kaohsiung, Taiwan”

  1. Flying The Nest

    Welcome back to Taiwan everybody!! You have sent through some such amazing things for us to do and eat here in Kaohsiung! The number one thing you recommended was for us to check out the street food scene! What's your favourite dish?

  2. toto momo

    I just come back from Taiwan, man…. You need two or three stomachs to taste all the yummy food. It is definitely a cool place for young people.

  3. Puddings L.

    Welcome to Taiwan & Thank you guys like our night market! There are tons of food that you should eat! I'll recommend "small sausage in large sausage" to you. Have fun in Taiwan!

  4. Terry Chen

    Taiwan is very suitable for everyone to travel, the food is delicious, the people are friendly, the scenery is beautiful, it is worth a visit @@

  5. vienanneventures

    does everything you do there in Taiwan? i mean activities and destinations and how to get there was included in your little book from ANYWHR? 🙂 thanks! hope to hear from both of you soon 🙂 ❤❤❤

  6. JohnMalieTV

    Don't know why it's taken us this long to discover your channel. You guys are great and your travels are awesome! That boba pressed sandwich – so wacky! 😆

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