[NUCLEAR ERROR!]🔥 STRANDED in Taipei & Missed train to Hualien City – Travel Vlog

In this travel vlog, we start the day at Taipei Main Station (the Taipei Taiwan Train Station) on our way to Haulien City. But this day of travel in Taiwan is soon in for a shock as our travel couple misses their train to Hualien! A huge delay and a motorbike rental in Hualien later, they’re finally settled in to their hostel. While it’s relatively easy to travel as foreigners in Taiwan, travel is uncertain.

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Travel couple, The Way Away, is Josh and Ashley Brown. Our mission is to bring the world closer by showing the uniqueness of our cultures and promoting unity around the world. Subscribe to our channel to watch our daily travel vlogs.

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22 Replies to “[NUCLEAR ERROR!]🔥 STRANDED in Taipei & Missed train to Hualien City – Travel Vlog”

  1. Js Travelers

    Just found this video now.
    I love Taipei and your positive attitudes.
    Traveling is sometimes uncomfortable. But the rewards usually outweigh the hardships.
    Just subscribed!

  2. Lauren B

    This is why I get to the platform as early as possible. I don’t understand why people only give themselves 10-15 minutes before the train leaves…give yourself at least half an hour!

  3. 01granddaddy

    The supermarket you went to in Hualien accepts Easy Card, if you have enough deposits in it.
    They take debit or credit cards issued by specific local banks.

  4. Tom Chen

    I think it says "nuclear error" is because in Chinese, nuclear in short is "核", and the word for audit / check is "核對". So I guess it is saying Check Error, maybe the translate didn't pick some Chinese character in the middle 😛

  5. kz mino

    OMG i think u ask wrong guy, from 0:17, ur ticket is puyuma express, and the first train u chose is right; the "random guy" probably didnt know that puyuma's ticket is labelled "自強" class with "puyuma express" notation, so he point u to the wrong train. next time, do check the train code, in this case is "222", hope u wont missed train/got fooled next time.

  6. debbie badger

    Hi Way Away! I know you are both traveling to Hualien. Ashley is very organized! Aside from that, millions of miles away  in your home state "The Mountains out!" 🙂 The plan is to get my T-shirt this month.

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