Taiwan Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Taiwan.
Taiwan, the Beautiful Island or, ‘Ilha Formosa’: a land of gods, spirits and temples – an island at the end of a rainbow! This south east Asian island is separated from the Chinese mainland by the Formosa Strait that at its narrowest point is a hundred and thirty kilometres wide. Taipei is a pulsating metropolis in the north of the island in which emperors’ treasures and chaotic traffic highlight both industrial strength and a Chinese way of life. In the old town district of Wan Hua is the city’s oldest and most precious Buddhist temple of Lungshan Szu, the Dragon Mountain Temple. The Sun Yi Sen Memorial Hall was built to commemorate the centenary of the founder of the Republic of China. His efforts brought about the abdication of the last emperor and the birth of the Republic Of China. The Confucius Temple is a place of contemplation and is a replica of the Temple Of Qu Fu, Qu Fu having been the home town of Confucius. This silent place is one of five temples in Taiwan dedicated to the great Chinese philosopher, Confucius, the founder of a religion that even today has many followers. The past importance of the former Taiwanese capital of Tainan is indicated by the city’s many temple complexes that contain an abundance of sacred works of art. Religion still plays a central role in the daily life of the people and the Tien Gon Temple is the most important temple in Taiwan. Taiwan is an island full of magical charm, fascinating works of art and breathtaking natural wonders. The legacy of Confucius mixed with the bright hope of the future. A symbiosis of industrialisation and Chinese tradition. The success of capitalism confirmed by the eternal words, “Made in Taiwan“!

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33 Replies to “Taiwan Vacation Travel Video Guide”

  1. edborja channel

    Thank you so much for bringing us in taiwan by means of this video, nice video.thanks to youtube and the creator of such things.i loved it…💞👍



  3. Boris Chang

    You should have gone all the way down the east coast: to Taitung, then Kenting in the south, then kaoshiung(sp?) then up the west coast to Tainan and then Taichung..

  4. bluemountain555

    As part of the Overseas Chinese study tour I was promised a trip to Taroko Gorge National Park but it was cancelled. As a result I have absolutely no sympathy or pity whatsoever for the victims of Taiwan typhoons and the Taiwan government owes me a lot of money for the cancellation.

  5. briantravelman

    I spend 2 weeks in Taiwan earlier this year, yet still feel that I haven't really been there at all. After rewatching this video I realize that what I explored was just the tip of the iceberg. I regret not spending to a month, to get to truly know the island, but even a month might not have been enough to cover everything. Even this video didn't show everything this incredible island has to offer. Though it was nice seeing some of the places I had visited, I realize now just how much I DIDN'T see. I normally don't like to return to the same country twice, but I think Taiwan is a place I will have to return to some day. Although I saw A LOT, I also missed out on A LOT. Next time I will stay in Tainan or Kaohsiung and explore more of the southern and Central areas. Taiwan turned out to be FAR more interesting than I ever imagined. There are very few countries in the world where every little corner is worth visiting. And if it wasn't for the bad climate, I would even consider living there.

  6. Linda Navroth

    EXCELLENT! After watching a lot of travel videos of China, Japan, and South Korea, I have to say that I think Taiwan has some of the most beautiful Buddhist temples in the world. Just moved this place to the top of my bucket list.

  7. ETsonggalaxy

    Malaysians were the FIRST pioneers of Taiwan,  NOT the Chinese.  The Filipino roots are NOT from the Philippines –  they are of the Malaysian tribe.  The Filipinos were named  after king Filippi of Spain.  The FIRST people of America were the American Indians ( NOT of India)  and the Mexicans had these states: California,  New Mexico,  Az.,  Colorado and  Texas.  These are true facts,  not old wives tales.   Most of the states named have cities named after Spanish history.

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