Travel vlog: Taiwan, Taipei

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Hi guys and welcome to my channel!

We have just came back from our trip to Taiwan, Taipei. We only spent 4 days there.

Taipei is beautiful and is so easy to get around. The food was lovely too and the shopping is great. We loved this city and the people. I definitely would like to go back there again and explore more of Taipei and also see the three cities of Taiwan.

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19 Replies to “Travel vlog: Taiwan, Taipei”

  1. Marianna Vasilievna

    Awesome video! I enjoyed watching it a lot! 101 building looks so cool, I want to check it out. Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip with us! I can’t want for another video

  2. Alissa Irwin

    another awesome video! I want to travel to Taipei now. Do you think 4-5 days is enough to see the best places in Taipei?

    P.S. I love all your outfits! so stylish as always!

  3. Marina Gaveilova

    I love this video! Taipei looks amazing, I want to visit it now. I have never been there.

    I love your new Chanel square mini, it’s sooooo cute! Can’t wait to watch the unboxing video!

  4. The Lovisa

    Cool!🌍✨I like your videos, I started following you thanks to the videos you have made about your Chanel bags.👜

    Some tips for future videos may be to think about what you show and tell your audience, for example; I follow you to see your style and so on. So maybe tell more about how and why you choose to wear what you are wearing a bit more. And since this is a travel video, people who might be thinking of traveling there would like a bit more insight to where you stayed, what you saw, why you choose to go to sertan places, pros and cons 🤷🏼‍♀️😉

    Have a great day!

  5. Clara Yang

    I love this video! Taipei looks very beautiful 😍 I love your new Chanel square mini flap 💙 can’t wait to see the unboxing video.
    Can you fit in your iPhone there?

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