First Time in Taipei: 5 Travel Tips

The Taiwan Travel Guide for first time visitors. It features 5 Tips one must know before landing in the capital of Taiwan.

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6 Replies to “First Time in Taipei: 5 Travel Tips”

  1. Airport Info HQ

    0:53 1. If you're arriving between July to September, get ready with your rain gear.
    1:15 2. If you need to speak to someone in english, approach a younger local.
    1:37 3. Get ready with basic phrases in Taiwanese.
    2:08 Have your money changesd at the Airport.
    2:48 4. Trains are the best way to get around the city.
    3:10 5. Generally, tipping is not required.
    Amazing video!Thanks for sharing.

  2. briantravelman

    Shi shi. I'm not sure that's how you pronounced that. I've hard it pronounced Shay shay. That's EXACTLY why I'm not using any local phrases. I normally do, but I heard Chinese is so complex, that if you mispronounce a word even "slightly", it has a completely different meaning. I don't want to risk saying something inappropriate.

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