Taipei, Taiwan to Hong Kong travel vlog

Join us for our travel vlog as we fly from Taipei, Taiwan to Hong Kong. In many ways our time spent at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (臺灣桃園國際機場) was a bit of a gong show with our flight being delayed, our gates changed and two failed attempts to exchange money and get a refund for our metro cards. However, being able to buy a nice set of metal chopsticks and having a silky smooth flight to Hong Kong more than made up for it. Our vlogs ends as we leave Hong Kong International Airport (香港國際機場) in search of our hotel and some dim sum.

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Taipei, Taiwan to Hong Kong travel vlog transcript:

So we just arrived at the airport (Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport – 臺灣桃園國際機場) here in Taipei (臺北市) and apparently our flight has been delayed and nobody told us. So we have some time to kill and we’re going to go grab some food because that seems like the sensible thing to do.

Last meal in Taipei (臺北市) consists of bubble tea (波霸奶茶) and a bowl of noodles.

So time for a little update from the food court here in the airport.

It is hard to believe ten days in Taiwan (中華民國) just went by like that.

So we’re now on our way to Hong Kong (香港) and really excited about that. That is a destination we’ve been to before both together.

So really excited to go back. We’re not going to be staying on Hong Kong Island (香港) just like last time we’re going to be staying in Kowloon (九龍) and we’re going to be there for about the same amount of time. About ten days.

So yeah, there is going to be a lot dim sum (点心) there is going to be a lot of running around the town. We’d like to explore a bit more of the nature just outside of the city as well too. Yeah, we didn’t do to many day trips last time we were there. Yeah, we’ll do more day trips. A little bit of hiking and yeah we’re going to hopefully make a city guide too along with maybe some night market stuff, some food videos.

We’ve had food. What is our next mission? So now we’re going to cash in our EasyCards and you know what? I don’t want to give these up. Like these have been so awesome. We’ve been able to use these for almost everything. Transportation, to get into museums, and you can even rent bikes with them.

Yeah. But we are leaving so. They’re not going to work anywhere else. They’re not going to work anymore. We’re going to get our deposit back hopefully. And we’ll have a little bit of money on them as well.

This is where you return your cards.

You know what? My card was at minus three so you might lose money. We’re going to get a penalty for this.

So no refund for us today. Apparently they have to charge you like 28 Taiwanese Dollars to do the transaction and we’ve got minus three.

Oh and apparently they’re good for twenty years. Twenty years. So yeah, worth keeping.

We’re settled for Taiwan (中華民國) for a long time.

But you know what? Shopping

We have moved on to souvenir shopping. Perhaps some pineapple cake.

So we found something to buy with the leftover money we have. Metal chopsticks for our future home.

So this is our gate. C8 Taiwan Cinema Waiting Lounge.

So maybe we’ll get to watch movies while we wait for our flight to take off. That would be so cool.

Well the adventure continues. Now there has been a gate change so we’re running across to the other side of the airport (Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport – 臺灣桃園國際機場).

Different letter. So yeah it almost feels like we’re never going to leave Taipei (臺北市) at this point. It has been a really long day.

We are here. We’re here. Welcome to Hong Kong (香港).

Long day. We’re so glad to be here. And you know what? The thing that I really want to talk about is it was so nice having a smooth flight. Yes. It feels like we’ve been on the most turbulent flights of late.

Our bags are delayed and we are still waiting. So at this rate I think we’re just going to be having dinner at the airport and then making our way to the hotel. And passing out.

So we took the fast train in to town. Now it is time to take the MRT. The metro to our apartment. We’re going to drop off our stuff and maybe grab some dim sum (點心) or maybe just go to sleep. We’re quite tired.

This is part of our Travel in Taiwan video series showcasing Taiwanese food, Taiwanese culture and Taiwanese cuisine.

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  1. Fran Stains

    What about priority passes to airport lounges, some are extreme with fantastic food, showers, massages. Check out Kara and Nates video. Gonna tell them about U2 they could learn a lot from you both. 😎

  2. Fresh Mike Eats

    10 days in Asia just goes by SO FAST! Hit up Sai Kung, really beautiful there for some hiking and seafood. Check out my channel for some foodie adventure tours from my trip to Tokyo 🙂

  3. jackrubycrew

    I have watched some of your content and I really like the flow and style you are developing. I have just started making travel vlogs and seeing footage like this serves as a big inspiration. Appreciate the effort and keep creating. Peace.

  4. Jimmi the flowerhorn and friends.

    its great to see you both not angry about everything going on. great video as always 🙂 can't wait to see videos of Hong Kong

  5. Lights Camera Action

    You know, you keep wearing those sunglasses in the plane, people may think you are some kind celebrity trying to be hide from being recognized! lol. Loving Audrey's play by play commentaries at the expense of Sam, lol. Looking forward to seeing your videos of Hong Kong!

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