Vlog 4- Video #1 of My Travel to Taipei Taiwan and Chest Workout

Here’s video #1 of my trip a couple weeks ago to Taiwan. It was by far my most productive and memorable trips to date. Not to mention the incredible training sessions I had there as I only had 1 off day in a 9 day span. Lack of sleep and jet lag didn’t seem to matter. This video covers my travel there, a bit of footage at a shrine called Tsuyokon, and one of my favorite types of chest work.

Flat Barbell Bench 10×10
Incline DB 5×10
Cable Flyes 5×12

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29 Replies to “Vlog 4- Video #1 of My Travel to Taipei Taiwan and Chest Workout”

  1. Colonel Boykins

    Hey AJ, man I am hooked on your chest and shoulder exercises, man I am getting great results from them. Just trying to be a better and healthier me. Thanks bro. Happy and healthy 2019 to you man!

  2. Sajokal Horseed

    Bro you worship only your Creator, not statues. Follow thé Islamic path of Malcom X. You remind us the ancient People of Taïwan, China, they were dark and Brown i bodybuilt m'y historical mind ah Ah ah Bravo

  3. Rufus Hughes

    I was in South Korea and learned quickly about the lack of personal space. And coming from a small town in Mississippi, Seoul was such a culture shock! Lol

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